Harvey J. O'Higgins

Harvey Jerrold O'Higgins (November 14, 1876 – February 28, 1929) was an American novelist and journalist.[1]


He was born in London, Ontario, in 1876. He studied in the University of Toronto from 1893 to 1897.[2] He started out writing detective stories and later political and sociological articles for journals in the United States. He then began writing longer works of fiction, and then works on social questions with various specialists as collaborators: Ben B. Lindsey (The Beast and The Doughboy's Religion), Harriet Ford (On the Hiring Line), Frank J. Cannon (Under the Prophet in Utah), Edward H. Reade (psychoanalysis of prominent figures). He was led to psychoanalysis by personal illness, and utilized it in some literary efforts. He then moved on to do some literary works centered on women. He developed several plays, sometimes in collaboration with others.[1]

He and Anna G. Williams were married in 1901.[1]


  • The Smoke Eaters (1905)
  • The Beast and the Jungle (1910; with Judge Ben B. Lindsey)
  • The Dummy (1913)
  • Mr. Lazarus (1916)
  • From the Life (1919)


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