Hartola, Finland

Hartola (Swedish: Gustav Adolfs) is a municipality of Finland.


Gustav Adolfs
Hartolan kunta
Gustav Adolfs kommun

Coat of arms
Location of Hartola in Finland
Coordinates: 61°35′N 026°01′E
Country Finland
RegionPäijänne Tavastia
Sub-regionHeinola sub-region
  Municipal managerRaija Peltonen
  Density0/km2 (0/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (EET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+03:00 (EEST)

It is located in the Itä-Häme, Päijänne Tavastia region. The municipality has a population of 2,773 (31 January 2019)[1] and covers an area of 675.38 square kilometres (260.77 sq mi) of which 132.18 km2 (51.03 sq mi) is water.[2] The population density is 5.1 inhabitants per square kilometre (13/sq mi). Neighouring municipalities are Heinola, Joutsa, Luhanka, Pertunmaa and Sysmä.

The municipality is unilingually Finnish. The municipality is also known as "Gustav Adolfs" in Swedish.[3] Hartola is home to the Itä-Hämeen Museo, the regional museum for seven municipalities.

Since 1987, the town has billed itself as a sovereign royal parish based upon a 1784 proclamation by King Gustav III of Sweden creating a new parish on the eastern border of his kingdom in honor of his son, Gustav Adolf.

At every first Saturday in September, there is a fair at Hartola. The event is biggest in Finland at its genre.[4]

Municipality is also known about writer Maila Talvio's place of birth.


Results of the 2011 Finnish parliamentary election in Hartola:


All schools those located in villages have been closed. School system in Hartola is about 140 years old.[6]

Pictures from Hartola


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