Harrison and Barrison

Harrison and Barrison (Hungarian: Harrison és Barrison) is a 1917 Hungarian silent comedy film directed by Alexander Korda and starring Márton Rátkai, Dezsõ Gyárfás and Nusi Somogyi. Korda broke from his previous practice of adapting literary works, to direct an original screenplay. The film's style is a madcap one, which relied on the talents of its two stars Rátkai and Gyárfás who were popular comedians. It was Korda's most famous Hungarian film, better known than his literary adaptions.[1] Korda himself considered the film his best work of the period.[2]

Harrison and Barrison
Directed byAlexander Korda
Produced byAlexander Korda
Written byGyula Kőváry
Richárd Falk
StarringMárton Rátkai
Dezső Gyárfás
Nusi Somogyi
Release date
12 November 1917
Hungarian intertitles



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