Harbour of Tears

Harbour of Tears is a studio concept album by English progressive rock band Camel. It tells the story of an Irish family who are painfully separated as their young ones depart to the United States to seek a better future. Released in 1996, it was their twelfth studio album.

Harbour of Tears
Studio album by
Released15 January 1996
GenreProgressive rock
LabelCamel Productions
ProducerAndy Latimer
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Harbour of Tears
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Title and lyrics

Band vocalist and guitarist Andrew Latimer learned that the last sight of Ireland his grandmother's family would have seen was Cóbh Harbour, a deep-water port that witnessed the fracturing of thousands of families as their sons and daughters departed towards America. Thus the album was titled as the common alias of the port, 'Harbour of Tears'.

Track listing

All songs written by Andy Latimer and Susan Hoover, except where noted.

  1. "Irish Air" (Traditional Gaelic) – 0:57
  2. "Irish Air" (Instrumental Reprise) (Latimer) – 1:57
  3. "Harbour of Tears" – 3:13
  4. "Cóbh" (Latimer) – 0:51
  5. "Send Home the Slates" – 4:23
  6. "Under the Moon" (Latimer) – 1:16
  7. "Watching the Bobbins" – 7:14
  8. "Generations" (Latimer) – 1:02
  9. "Eyes of Ireland" – 3:09
  10. "Running from Paradise" (Latimer) – 5:21
  11. "End of the Day" – 2:29
  12. "Coming of Age" (Latimer) – 7:22
  13. "The Hour Candle (A Song for My Father)" (Latimer) – 23:00 (actual music 8:03)


Additional musicians

  • John Xepoleas – Drums
  • David Paton – Bass, lead vocals on "Send Home the Slates"
  • Mae McKenna – A Capella vocal on "Irish Air"
  • Neil Panton – Oboe, Soprano sax, Harmonium
  • Barry Phillips – Cello
  • John Burton – French horn
  • Karen Bentley – Violin
  • Anita Stoneham – Violin

Other credits

  • Mixed by Andy Latimer and Colin Bass
  • Sleeve design by Jon Storey


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