Hansi Niese

Johanna Niese, known as Hansi Niese (10 November 1875 in Vienna 4 April 1934) was an Austrian actress. The self-taught artist was one of the most popular actresses of the monarchy.


Hansi Niese made her debut at age 18 in 1891 in the South Moravian town of Znojmo at the local theater. Her success story began in 1893 at the Vienna Raimund Theater, where she appeared in the series for six years as a soubrette. In 1899 she moved to the theater an der Josefstadt. Soon after, she married Josef Jarno, the director of this theater.

Not only at the various stages of Vienna, but also on tour in Berlin Niese has starred in numerous plays by including Ludwig Anzengruber, Gerhart Hauptmann, Ferenc Molnár, Johann Nestroy, Ferdinand Raimund and Arthur Schnitzler. She also appeared in several farces and operettas (around 1907 as "Försterchristl" in the eponymous operetta her brother Georg Jarno) and often as a partner of Alexander Girardi.

In the thirties Niese starred in several films, including 1931 in "An Affair" and 1932 in "Hussars love."

At Vienna's Central Cemetery (Group 14 C, Number 4) of the popular actress has dedicated a memorial grave. In 1935, in Vienna in the 19th Döbling the Hansi Niese Alley and 1955 in the 13 District of Vienna named the Hansi Niese-way to her.


  • Husarenliebe (1932)
  • Unser Kaiser (1932)
  • Hochzeit am Wolfgangsee (1933)
  • The Emperor's Waltz (1933)
  • Der Polizeibericht meldet (1934)
  • The Big Chance (1934)
  • Die Töchter ihrer Exzellenz (1934)
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