Hannes Stelzer

Hannes Stelzer (20 June 1910 - 27 December 1944) was an Austrian film actor. Stelzer was a leading actor in German cinema during the Nazi era.

Hannes Stelzer
Stelzer in Luftwaffe uniform, 1944.
Born20 June 1910
Died27 December 1944 (aged 34)
Years active1936 - 1943 (film)

As well as appearing in dramas and light comedies, Stelzer also featured in more propagandistic works, including leading roles in the war films Stukas[1] and The Crew of the Dora (1943), his final film.

During the Second World War Stelzer served in the German Air Force. In 1944 he was killed in a plane crash near Komáron, Hungary,[2] possibly as the result of enemy action.

Stelzer married Johanna Weyand in 1935 and, after they divorced, the German actress Maria Bard in 1940, whom he remained married to until her death in 1944.

Selected filmography


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