Hands over the City

Hands over the City (Italian: Le mani sulla città) is a 1963 drama film directed by Francesco Rosi. It is a story of political corruption in post-World War II Italy.[1]

Hands over the City
Film poster for Hands over the City
Directed byFrancesco Rosi
Produced byLionello Santi
Written byFrancesco Rosi
Raffaele La Capria
Enzo Forcella
StarringRod Steiger
Salvo Randone
Guido Alberti
Marcello Cannavale
Music byPiero Piccioni
CinematographyGianni Di Venanzo
Edited byMario Serandrei
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Release date
September, 1963 (Italy)
September 17, 1964 (U.S.)
Running time
105 min.


A ruthless Neapolitan land developer and elected city councilman, Edoardo Nottola (Rod Steiger), manages to use political power to make personal profit in a large scale suburban real estate deal. However, after the collapse of a residential building, the Communist councilman De Vita (Carlo Fermariello) initiates an inquiry on Nottola's possible connection to the accident.


  • Rod Steiger as entrepreneur Edoardo Nottola
  • Salvo Randone as De Angeli
  • Guido Alberti as Maglione
  • Angelo D'Alessandro as Balsamo
  • Carlo Fermariello as De Vita
  • Marcello Cannavale as Nottola's friend
  • Alberto Canocchia as Nottola's friend
  • Gaetano Grimaldi Filioli as Nottola's friend
  • Dante Di Pinto as the president at the commission of enquiry
  • Dany Paris as Maglione's lover
  • Alberto Amato as a counsellor
  • Franco Rigamonti as a counsellor
  • Terenzio Cordova as the inspector
  • Vincenzo Metafora as the mayor


The film won the Golden Lion award of the Venice Film Festival in 1963.


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