Handeni Town Council

Handeni Town Council (or Handeni Urban District) is a district of the Tanga Region of Tanzania.[1][2] The administrative capital of the district is Handeni town.

Handeni Town Council
Location within Tanga Region (red)
RegionTanga Region
  TypeTown Council
Time zoneGMT + 3

Administrative subdivisions

As of 2012, Handeni Town Council was administratively divided into 12 wards.[3]


  • Chanika
  • Kideleko
  • Konje
  • Kwamagome
  • Kwediyamba
  • Kwenjugo
  • Mabanda
  • Malezi
  • Mdoe
  • Mlimani
  • Msasa
  • Vibaoni


A paved secondary road connects Handeni with Korogwe in the northeast and Mkata in the southeast; both Korogwe and Mkata are on the T2 Trunk road from Dar es Salaam to Arusha.[4]


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