Hamari Devrani

Hamari Devrani (Our Daughter-in-law) is an Indian soap opera, which was broadcast on Star Plus during weekday afternoons from 2008 to 2012.[1][2]

Hamari Devrani
Written byRaakesh Paswan
Amitabh Singh
Screenplay byMrinal Tripathi
Amitabh Singh
Bhavna Vyas
Directed byVikram Ghai
Manish Mistry
Santosh Bhatt
Pawan Sahu
Manchan thakur vikal
Vikram Labhe
Swapnil Mahaling
Suraj Rao
Praveen Sudan
Creative director(s)Manish Mistry
Opening themeGaurang Vyas
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes951
Executive producer(s)Suprita Purkayastha Reena Manjrekar
Producer(s)Shobhana Desai
CinematographyAnil Mishra
Editor(s)Manish Mistry Jaskaran Singh
Rajnikant Singh
Inderjit Singh
Satyaprakash Singh
Camera setupMulti-camera
Production company(s)Shobhana Desai Productions
Original networkStar Plus
Picture format576i
Original release26 May 2008 (2008-05-26) 
3 February 2012 (2012-02-03)


Bhakti (played by Krishna Gokani) is a poor girl living in a beautiful and wealthy village in Qatar. Everyone sees her as unlucky because her mother, Gayatri, eloped with her ex-husband after giving birth to Bhakti, and Bhakti's father Hasmukh refused to see her face or recognize her beauty. Bhakti's maternal grandmother, Kashiben, raises her single-handedly and tries to protect her from love to prevent emotional pain. As Bhakti grows up (now played by Jyotica Dholabhai), the show associates her with unluckiness and she becomes lonely. Whenever Bhakti asks about her parents and childhood, Kashiben says that they are in Ahemadabad. Meanwhile, she is presented with an idol of a baby, Lord Krishna, and is told that this will protect her in any situation. Bhakti accepts wholeheartedly and calls the baby Laddoo thief. Later, Kashiben takes Bhakti to Ahemadabad where Bhakti's father Hasmukh lives. Hasmukh, and his second wife, insult Bhakti and banish her from Ahemadabad.

Meanwhile, in Ahemadabad, Devkiben, an elderly widowed woman, heads a rich and popular family known as the Nanavatis, with her six sons and five daughters-in-law. The eldest daughters-in-law of the family (Manjula, Parul, Apla, Jalpa, and Rajeshwari) want Mohan (played by Madhav Deochake), Devkiben's youngest son, to marry a woman who will demand anything from the family and act like an overlord. Bhakti marries into this family when her would-be elder sisters-in-law (jethanis) see her in Ahemadabad and choose her for their brother-in-law after seeing Bhakti's educated, gullible, and sensitive nature. The story flows onward, where viewers witness how she is treated in this family by her sisters-in-law. Manjula, Parul, Apla, Jalpa, and Rajeshwari try not to love Mohan and Bhakti, but in the end, good wins over evil, and they indeed start loving Mohan and Bhakti.

The character of Padmini is introduced with her seven-year-old daughter, Shikha, who people believe is Mohan's illegitimate child. Padmini wants to marry Mohan, and obtain the assets of the Nanavati family. She plays many tricks to fulfill her evil intentions. In one scheme, she kidnaps Bhakti (now pregnant) to blackmail and marry Mohan, but she is caught by the police.

The show then takes a seventeen-year leap, and now the story focuses on Mohan and later, Bhakti's daughter, Aastha (played by Vidhi Sindhwad), and Padmini's daughter, Shikha (played by Ekta Saraiya).

The story then moves forward twenty years. This is after Bhakti and Mohan died from giving birth to a mentally-ill daughter, Aastha who the Nanavati family adopted. Aastha is raised by all her aunties with love and care and is a sweet and bubbly girl. Meanwhile, Shikha grows up to be ill-mannered like her mother. The show introduces Raj, Shika's love interest. Raj and Shikha love each other but cannot marry because an astrologer predicted Raj's first wife will die. They create a plan so that if Raj marries Aastha, it won't matter if she dies. After the marriage, Aastha shows no sign of death so Raj, with the help of Shikha and his aunt Rasila, plans to murder Astha and 'get-it-over-and-done-with'. Somehow, Aastha miraculously survives, and the five daughters-in-law succeed in taking their revenge from Raj and Rasila.

After that, Mohan marries Vrinda. Even though she is a genuine and loving woman, the Navavati bahus think she is here to steal her money. They eventually realize that Vrinda is a nice woman. Then comes another twist; the family of the Nanavati's only daughter comes to steal money from the Nanavati house. They kidnap Aastha, but Vrinda rescues her and the kidnappers go to jail. The story ends with the Nanavati family celebrating Vrinda's pregnancy.


  • Madhav Deochake (season 1) / Paresh Bhatt (season 2) as Mohan Nanavati
  • Krishna Gokani as Bhakti Mohan Nanavati[3]
  • Eva Ahuja as Vrinda Mohan Nanavati
  • Vidhi Sindhwad as Aastha Nanavati / Antani
  • Shilpa Raizada as Padmini
  • Shreekant Soni as Purushottam Das Nanavati
  • Zankhana Sheth as Devki Purushottam Nanavati
  • Sameer Rajda as Jayant Nanavati
  • Urvashi Upadhyay as Manjula Nanavati
  • Kaushal Shah as Sannat Nanavati
  • Kalyani Thakkar as Parul Sannat Nanavati
  • Ajay Parekh as Mukesh Nanavati
  • Bhoomi Shukla as Alpa Mukesh Nanavati
  • Mihir Rajda as Ketan Nanavati
  • Manisha Dave as Jalpa Ketan Nanavati
  • Manas Shah as Gautam Nanavati
  • Neelam Panchal as Rajeshwari Gautam Nanavati
  • Purbi Joshi as Daksha Deepak Patel
  • Nayan Shukla as Ayush Nanavati
  • Ekta Saraiya as Shikha Nanavati
  • Divya Naaz as young Shikha Nanavati
  • Winy Tripathi as Raj / Shekhar Antani
  • Falguni Desai as Raseela Antani
  • Raunak Soni as Ladoo Gopal
  • Lavanya Bhardwaj as Dev Kumar Sanghvi
  • Alam Khan as Kunal Nanavati
  • Girish Solanki as Sadanand
  • Aarti Malkan as Sabarmati


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