The Province of Halle-Merseburg (German: Provinz Halle-Merseburg) was a province of the Free State of Prussia from 1944–45. The provincial capital was the city Merseburg.

Province of Halle-Merseburg
Provinz Halle-Merseburg
Province of Prussia

The Province of Halle-Merseburg in 1944.
10,217.26 km2 (3,944.91 sq mi)
High President 
Joachim A. Eggeling
Historical eraWorld War II
1 July 1944
23 July 1945
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Province of Saxony
Saxony-Anhalt (1945-1952)
a. Within 1944/45 borders.

Halle-Merseburg was created on 1 July 1944, out of Regierungsbezirk Merseburg, an administrative region from the former Province of Saxony. The governor of the new province was Joachim Albrecht Eggeling, the Gauleiter of the Nazi Gau Halle-Merseburg. In 1945, the Province of Halle-Merseburg was dissolved into a recreated Province of Saxony.

Districts in 1945

Urban districts

  1. Eisleben
  2. Halle
  3. Merseburg
  4. Naumburg
  5. Weißenfels
  6. Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  7. Zeitz

Rural districts

  1. Bitterfeld
  2. Delitzsch
  3. Eckartsberga (seat: Kölleda)
  4. Liebenwerda (seat: Bad Liebenwerda)
  5. Mansfelder Gebirgskreis (seat: Mansfeld)
  6. Mansfelder Seekreis (seat: Eisleben)
  7. Merseburg
  8. Querfurt
  9. Saalkreis (seat: Halle)
  10. Sangerhausen
  11. Schweinitz (seat: Herzberg)
  12. Torgau
  13. Weißenfels
  14. Wittenberg
  15. Zeitz

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