Halina Zalewska

Halina Zalewska (1940 - 19 August 1976) was a Swiss-born Italian actress.

Halina Zalewska
Zalewska (left) with actress Anna Miserocchi, 1970.
Died19 August 1976 (age 36)

Life and career

Born in Switzerland,[1] Zalewska was the daughter of a Polish noblewoman and an Italian businessman.[2] She spent her childhood in Alassio, her father's birthplace.[2] Her career was launched by winning the beauty pageant Miss Muretto in 1958.[2] She was very active in genre films, mainly Spaghetti Westerns, peplum and Eurospy films, but her career include also a few art films, including a minor role in Luchino Visconti's The Leopard.[2]

Zalewska accidentally died in a fire in 1976, aged 36 years old.[2][3] She was the half-sister of actress Ely Galleani.[3]

Selected filmography


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