Halifax Regional Centre for Education

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education (formerly Halifax Regional School Board)[5] is the public school district responsible for 136 elementary, junior high, and high schools located in the Halifax Regional Municipality in Halifax County, Nova Scotia. The current Regional Executive Director is Elwin LeRoux. The district's office is on Spectacle Lake Drive, Dartmouth. The district's stated vision is "to provide a high quality education to every student every day".[2] On January 24, 2018 the provincial government announced would be dissolved and education administered by an appointed provincial council and the board was dissolved on March 31, 2018.[6]

Halifax Regional Centre for Education
Charles P Allen High School in Bedford
33 Spectacle Lake Drive
, Nova Scotia, B3B 1X7
District information
MottoProviding a high quality education for every student every day.
Regional Executive DirectorElwin LeRoux[1]
Budget$452 million [3]
Students and staff
Students48,185 (2016-17)[2]
Staff9000 (approx) [4]
Other information


The board was created in 1996 with the amalgamation of three school boards that had jurisdiction over the former components of the Halifax Regional Municipality, which was created at the same time.[2] Board elections have taken place in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

2006 Board Dismissal

On December 19, 2006 the Minister of Education, Karen Casey, dismissed all 13 members of the board due to interpersonal conflicts and having failed to comply with their Code of Ethics. The minister stated, "This board has failed to meet the performance standards set out under Section 64 (6) of the Education Act. Sec. 64 states that a school board, in carrying out its responsibilities under this act, shall meet education program services and performance standards established by the minister."[7] Seven of the former Halifax Regional School Board members are considering legal action against the government for disbanding the elected group.[8]

Howard Windsor, a former deputy minister, was appointed to act as the board until the municipal elections took place in October 2008.[9] Mr. Windsor decided to discontinue their yearly stipends of $8,200, stating: "I respect the work done by the previous board members, but I see no reason to continue to pay them when they have neither the responsibility nor the authority to act on the public’s behalf."[10] Windsor was replaced by a nine-member elected Board during regularly scheduled elections in 2008.

2018 Dissolution

On January 23, 2018 education consultant Avis Glaze presented a report on the province's school system to government that included the recommendation that the seven elected regional school boards become regional education offices overseen by appointed provincial advisory council.[11] On January 24, 2018, the provincial government announced it accepted the recommendation and the Halifax Regional School Board and six other school boards would be dissolved though no date for dissolution was then announced.[12] The elected school board was dissolved on March 31, 2018.[6]



  • Don Trider (19961999)
  • David Reid (19992002)
  • Carole Olsen (20022012)
  • Judy White Interim (20122013)
  • Elwin LeRoux (20122018)

Regional Executive Director

  • Elwin LeRoux (2018present)


High schools

Junior high schools

  • Astral Drive Junior High School
  • A. J. Smeltzer Junior High School
  • Rocky Lake Junior High School
  • Bicentennial School (Grades Primary-9)
  • Brookside Junior High (Grades 6-9)
  • Caledonia Junior High
  • Clayton Park Junior High
  • Cunard Junior High
  • Eastern Passage Education Centre
  • Elizabeth Sutherland School (Grades Primary-9)
  • Ellenvale Junior High
  • Eric Graves Junior High
  • Fairview Junior High
  • Five Bridges Junior High
  • Gaetz Brook Junior High
  • Georges P. Vanier Junior High (Grades 7-8)
  • Gorsebrook Junior High School
  • Graham Creighton Junior High School
  • Halifax Central Junior High
  • Harold T. Barrett Junior High (Grades 7-8)
  • Herring Cove Junior High
  • Highland Park Junior High
  • John Martin Junior High
  • Leslie Thomas Junior High
  • Madeline Symonds Middle School (Grades 6-9)
  • Ecole Oxford School|Oxford School (Grades Primary-9)
  • Oyster Pond Academy (Grades Primary-9)
  • Park West School (Grades Primary-9)
  • Prince Arthur Junior High
  • Ross Road School (Grades Primary-9)
  • Sackville Heights Junior High
  • Sir Robert Borden Junior High School
  • St. Agnes Junior High
  • Rockingstone Heights (Grades Primary-9)
  • Ridgecliff Middle School (Grades 6-9)

Elementary Schools

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