Hakushin Line

The Hakushin Line (白新線, Hakushin-sen) is a Japanese railway line which runs between Niigata and Shibata stations in the cities of Niigata and Shibata in Niigata Prefecture. It is part of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) network.

Hakushin Line
115 series EMU bound for Niigata approaching Toyosaka Station, May 2008
Native name白新線
TypeHeavy rail
LocaleNiigata Prefecture
Operator(s)JR East
Line length27.3 km (17.0 mi)
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification1,500 V DC overhead catenary
Route map

Basic data


Limited express, Rapid

As of March 2018, the following services are operated.

Name Route Service frequency (daily)
Limited Express Inaho Niigata – Shibata – Sakata/Akita (Uetsu Main Line) 7 return trips
Rapid Benibana Niigata – Shibata – Yonezawa (Yonesaka Line) 1 return trip
Rapid Rakuraku-Train-Murakami Niigata – Shibata – Murakami (Uetsu Main Line) 1 down trip in evening
Rapid Niigata – Shibata – Murakami (Uetsu Main Line) 1 down trip in morning, 1 up trip in evening
Rapid Kirakira Uetsu Niigata – Shibata – Sakata (Uetsu Main Line) 1 return trip (only weekends)
Niigata - Toyosaka: every 20 minutes
Toyosaka - Shibata: every 60 minutes (every 20 minutes during peaks)

Station list

Station Japanese Distance (km) Inaho
Transfers   Location
Niigata 新潟 - 0.0 Chūō-ku, Niigata
Higashi-Niigata 東新潟 5.0 5.0   Higashi-ku, Niigata
Ōgata 大形 2.0 7.0  
Niizaki 新崎 2.6 9.6   Kita-ku, Niigata
Hayadōri 早通 1.9 11.5  
Toyosaka 豊栄 3.5 15.0  
Kuroyama 黒山 3.0 18.0  
Sasaki 佐々木 3.0 21.0   Shibata
Nishi-Shibata 西新発田 3.3 24.3  
Shibata 新発田 3.0 27.3 Uetsu Main Line


  • ◇ - Single-track; station where trains can pass
  • ^ - Double-track section starts from this point
  • ∥ - Double-track
  • ∨ - Single-track section starts from this point

Rolling stock




The first section opened on 23 December 1952 was the 12.3 km line between Shibata Station and Kuzutsuka Station (now Toyosaka Station). On 15 April 1956, the line was extended 14.9 km from Kuzutsuka to Niigata.

The line was electrified at 1,500 V DC in 1972, and double-tracked in sections between 1978 and 1981.


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