Haaga (Swedish: Haga) is a district and a former municipality in the Western major district of Helsinki with a population of 25,435.[1]

Not to be confused with The Hague.

Haaga is divided into four subareas, which are Pohjois-Haaga (northern Haaga), Etelä-Haaga (southern Haaga), Kivihaka and Lassila. It is home to the Haaga Rhododendron Park.

Haaga has two railway stations: Huopalahti railway station in south and Pohjois-Haaga railway station in north. Frequent users of the trains are students attending Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, as their campuses are spread out between 25-45 minutes between each other by train.

Studies at the University include: business, finance, hospitality and tourism (including masters level), information technology, and management assistance. All these courses are available to exchange students interested in attending.

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