HNoMS Glommen (1916)

The minelayer HNoMS Glommen was built for the Royal Norwegian Navy during World War I, as the lead ship of the two ship Glommen class of mine layers. Her sister ship was Laugen. Glommen and her sister ship were kept in service until the German invasion of Norway in 1940. Glommen surrendered to the Germans on 14 April 1940, and was rebuilt as a floating anti-aircraft battery. She was scuttled at Kirkenes in 1944 by the retreating Germans.

Name: Glommen
Namesake: Glomma River
Builder: Akers Mek. verksted in Kristiania
Launched: 1916
Decommissioned: 14 April 1940
Fate: Scuttled in 1944
General characteristics
Class and type: Glommen class minelayer
Displacement: 351 tons
Length: 42 m (137.80 ft)
Beam: 8.5 m (27.89 ft)
Draft: 2.3 m (7.55 ft)
Propulsion: 340 hp steam engine
Speed: 9.9 knots (18.33 km/h)
Complement: 35 men
  • 2 × 76 mm (2.99 in) guns
  • 120 mines

Glommen was built at Akers mekaniske verksted in Kristiania.

She was named after the Glomma - the longest and largest river in Norway.

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