HMS Rover

Seven ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Rover:

  • HMS Rover (1779) was a 16-gun sloop, formerly the American Cumberland. The British captured her in 1779, only to lose her temporarily to the French in 1780, before they recaptured her in 1781; she was wrecked later that year.
  • HMS Rover (1796) was a 16-gun sloop launched in 1796 and wrecked in 1798.
  • HMS Rover (1808) was an 18-gun Cruizer-class brig-sloop launched in 1808 and sold in 1828.
  • HMS Rover was to have been an 18-gun sloop. She was ordered in 1829, but the design was revised, and she was re-ordered as the next HMS Rover.
  • HMS Rover (1832) was an 18-gun sloop launched in 1832 and broken up in 1845.
  • HMS Rover (1853) was a 16-gun brig launched in 1853 and sold in 1862 to the Prussian Navy.
  • HMS Rover (1874) was an iron screw corvette launched in 1874 and sold in 1893.
  • HMS Rover (N62) was a Rainbow-class submarine launched in 1930 and sold for scrapping in 1946.

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