HMS Messenger (1830)

HMS Messenger was a wooden paddle ship and was launched 1824. It was purchased by the ex-Duke of York in 1824. In the year 1830 it was commanded by Lieutenant William Frederick Lapidge. The HMS Messenger passed Gibraltar in 1830, according to Earl of Beaconsfield's letters. It was then headed to Cardiz, Spain after passing Gibraltar. It was reported Benjamin Disraeli was on the boat.[1] 1830 through 1832 the commander was Lieutenant commander Benjamin Aplin. 1840 it was still in commission, but it never left Woolwich again. It was broken down in 1861.[2]

Class and type: Packet
Name: HMS Messenger
In service: 1824
Out of service: 1840?
Status: Broken down since 1861
General characteristics
Propulsion: Screw


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