HMS Growler (1841)

HMS Growler was a paddle-driven Driver-class sloop laid down in Pembroke and completed at Chatham on 20 July 1841.[1]

United Kingdom
Name: HMS Prowler
Commissioned: 20 July 1841
General characteristics
Class and type: Driver-class sloop

HMS Growler was ordered under PW1840 along with other Driver-class paddle sloops.[2]

On 31 March 1842, HMS Growler was assigned to the South East Coast of America Station to combat the slave trade.[1]

HMS Growler was re-assigned to the West Africa Squadron in September 1844.[1] The vessel was involved in a scheme to relocate liberated Africans from Sierra Leone to the Caribbean, arriving in Trinidad in December 1847.[3] 150 men, 37 women and 254 children former captives survived the journey, although 45 Africans died on the journey.[4]


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