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Galychanka – women's handball club from Lviv, Ukraine. Established in 1989. Five-time champion (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), five-time silver medalist (2005, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014) and six-time bronze medalist Ukrainian Women's Handball Super League, three-time Ukrainian Cup winner (2016, 2017, 2019), three-time Ukrainian Supercup winner (2016, 2017, 2018), champion of Baltic League (2018), bronze medalist of Baltic League (2017).

Full nameGalychanka-LNU
ArenaSports complex of Lviv University
Galicia sports palace
Capacity1000 (Galicia)
PresidentRoman Fedyshyn
Head coachVasyl Kozar (from May, 10 2018)
Tatiana Stefan (to 9 May 2018)
Anzhela Savchenko (to 9 May 2018)
LeagueUkrainian Women's Handball Super League
Baltic League
Club colours              
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History of Lviv woman's handball team Galychanka dates back to 1989, when club with the same name (before there was professional team Impulse) started playing in the USSR Championship, in its first league. In the first season Galychanka wins first league contest and gets right to play in the premier league of USSR handball championship. In the major league team successfully played to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Thus, since 1992, when Ukraine was organized its own championship, Galychanka was one of the best teams in Ukraine. This allowed the team to participate in European club cup tournament: Women's EHF Cup, Women's EHF Cup. Thus, despite the poor financial situation of the team and the relevant requirements of the European Handball Federation, team Galychanka conducted usually both European cup matches on the rival field.

In the national championship Galychanka has long been the fourth team in the country, and the first season of 1997–1998 Lviv handball-players won bronze medals of the championship of Ukraine. Since 2001 Lviv Galychanka constantly ranked among the three best teams in Ukraine, five times the silver medal winning Ukrainian Women's Handball Super League, and in 2015 became the champions. Players always cause in national team.

Over the years, the coach was: Volodymyr Garbuz, Vasyl Kozar, Yuriy Basyuk, Olexandr Burnyashov, Yuriy Garkavenko, Vasyl Vogt, Volodymyr Kuksenko, Georgiy Voronov, Valeriy Tishchenko. By November 2015 head coach of the team was Vasyl Kozar. Leading Galychanka players caused junior and youth Ukraine national team.

From 1997 Galychanka trains at the Lviv University sports complex, which is reflected in the club name. New successes Galychanka-LNU were associated with maintaining financial-industrial group Rosan, which since February 2006 takes care the team. Subsequently, in cooperation with Galychanka joined by new partners, including PJSC Kredobank, Concern Galnaftogaz, Shuvar market and PZU Ukraine.


In season 2014–2015 Galychanka went to the semi-final of Women's EHF Challenge Cup. The team won all matches with Virto Kvintus (Netherlands), Amintas Amintau (Greece), Naisa Niš (Serbia). In the semi-final match Galychanka yields Polish team Pogoń Baltica from Szczecin. The team won all matches of Ukrainian Championship season 2014–2015 and became the champions.

In the offseason team left the two leaders. Iryna Stelmakh and Tamara Smbatian will continue his career in Olympia Beskid handball team from Nowy Sącz (Poland).


In the 2015–2016 season the team played in matches Women's EHF Cup. According to bilateral agreements with the command Pristina (Kosovo) both matches 1/32 finals Galychanka was to play in Lviv. However, the team from partly unrecognized republic was denied entry to the territory of Ukraine because the government of Kosovo has no diplomatic relations and agreement on mutual gap citizens with the government of Ukraine. As a result of this incident European Handball Federation was decided to hold matches of 1/32 finals EHF Cup 23 and 25 October 2015 in Kosovo. Galychanka won both matches in Kosovo and went to the 1/16 final. After losing team Muratpaşa Bld. SK with Antalya (Turkey) and played a draw in Lviv Galychanka completes the struggle for EHF Cup.

Even 7 October then head coach Vasily Kozar in an interview Ukrainian Handball Federation official web-site said that he decided to leave his post.[1] After EHF Cup matches Vasyl Kozar finally leave club and for the present not continue coaching career in Ukraine.

By following tours of Ukrainian Women's Handball Super League team prepares Tatiana Stefan, who assisted Vasyl Kozar in prior seasons and teacher of LSCFC Vitaly Nadych.

15 May 2016 Galychanka overcoming HC Dnepryanka Kherson with a score of 27:18 in the first game of the fourth round of Women's Super League play-off and early became the champion of Ukrainian Women's Handball Super League.

20–21 May 2016 Galychanka with four Ukrainian teams participated in the restored Ukrainian Cup, held in Horodenka. In the semi-finals Galychanka won against HC Dnepryanka Kherson and the final won against HC Karpaty Uzhgorod and became a winner of Ukrainian Cup


In season 2016/2017 the second coach became Angela Savchenko, who played for Galychanka in 2005–2008 and 2009–2010. Coaching tandem Stefan-Savchenko – the only female in the Ukrainian Superleague.[2]

Also in the offseason team strengthened students of LSCFC: Alexandra Zholobovych, Tatiana Poliak, Tatiana Cherep, Juliana Bratkovska and Natalia Kotsab'yuk. From Uzhgorod HC Karpaty Uzhgorod returned Olena Kosik. In season 2016/2017 was the second coach Angela Savchenko, who in 2005–2008 and 2009–2010, played for Galychanka. Coaching tandem Stefan–Savchenko – the only female in the Ukrainian Super League. In this season, in addition to Ukrainian Superleague team participate in the EHF Cup, the Baltic League and Ukrainian Handball Cup.

28 August 2016 in Kherson was played first Ukrainian Handball Supercup. Having won a HC Dnepryanka Kherson with a score of 23:44 (12:20) Galychanka becomes the owner of the first Ukrainian Supercup. Also the best Supercup player considered Galychanka player Maryna Konovalova.

17 and 18 September Galychanka played in Lviv both matches of the first qualifying round of the EHF Cup. The rival team was Pogoń Baltica Szczecin from Poland, who played with Galychanka in EHF Challenge Cup semi-final 2014/15. Having won in the first match with a score 24:22 and losing the second game with a score 24:20 Galychanka cease participation in the EHF Cup 2016/17.

In January 2017 team has strengthened the former leader of Ternopil Economic University Ilona Gaykova.

Even in the second final round of Ukrainian Superleague Galychanka became unattainable for nearest rivals. Victory over HC Dnepryanka Kherson and HC Karpaty Uzhgorod in the third final round held in Lviv only proved three-times winner status.

Baltic League

In the first round of the Baltic League, Galychanka beat all rivals: BNTU-Byelaz (Minsk, Belarus), HC Gomel (Gomel, Belarus), Horodnichanka (Grodno, Belarus), Žalgiris (Kaunas, Lithuania) and the HC Garliava (Garliava, Lithuania)

In the second round of the Baltic League, which held 28–30 October 2016 in Lviv Galychanka played draw with BNTU-Byelaz and defeated other rivals. After the second round Galychanka continues to lead the league table.

In the third round of the Baltic League Galychanka lost GC Gomel and played a draw with BNTU-Byelaz.

After first four rounds Galychanka continues to lead the standings and ahead of nearest rival – BNTU-Byelaz by 1 point.

In the debut championship team wins bronze medals.


In the offseason three of the leading handball players – goalkeeper Yelyzaveta Hilyazetdinova, right wing and captain Lesya Smolinh and right back Olesia Parandii have signed contracts with foreign clubs. The most experienced player – Natalya Turkalo and 22 years old Viktoriya Sidletska has finished their game career. Anastasia Dorozhivska decided to start a coaching career.[3] Iryna Stelmakh returns to Lviv, which terminated the contract with the Polish club "Olympia Beskid" after a shoulder injury and rehabilitation in Ukraine.

The season started in Lviv 5 September 2017 by match for the Ukrainian Super Cup. Last year's winner – Galychanka won the HC Dnepryanka Kherson with a score 34:23 (18:11)[4].

2017 Galychanka finished with wins in all 14 matches with allowance of seven points from the nearest opponent Karpaty(Uzhgorod).

The Baltic Women's Handball League 2017/2018 Final was scheduled to take place in Lviv, but the participating teams decided to complete the championship after the fourth round of the tournament. The prize-winners of the championship are determined by the number of points earned in the played tours. Galychanka, which led the whole season in the tournament table, won the gold medals[5].

Before Superleague final round team having won 45 points and provides for himself the fourth consecutive gold medals, as the advance from the closest pursuer Karpaty made 13 points. In the Superleague final round that was held in Lviv, Galychanka pleased fans with a victory over the HC Dnepryanka Kherson with a score 34:23 and a fighting draw 28:28 with the Karpaty Uzhgorod.

Shortly after the end of the season, the management of the club canceled contracts with coaches Tatyana Stefan and Anzhela Savchenko. New trainer was a senior teacher of the handball faculty Lviv State School of Physical Culture Vasyl Kozar, who trained Galychanka in 2007–2015[6].


From 6 June till 10 June 2018 Galychanka participated in the Ukrainian Women's Beach Handball Championship, where won silver awards. Honor of the club was defended by: Victoria Saltanyuk, Nataliia Volovnyk, Diana Dmitrishin, Julia Golovko, Anastasiia Baranovych, Maryana Markevich, Olga Vasyliyka and former Galychanka playmaker Yelyzaveta Hilyazetdinova (AZERYOL, Baku), which was recognized as the best competition goalkeeper, Olexandra Zholobovych (Marta, Romania) and Anastasiia Dorozhivska which began a coaching career. Trainer of the beach handball team was Vitaliy Nadich[7].

Subsequently, team left four leading handball players: Nataliia Volovnyk and Nataliia Stryukova went to the Polish club AZS Politechnika Koszalin, Maryna Konovalova went to the Azerbaijani club AZERYOL (Baku), Nataliya Sabova has completed the game career for family reasons. They were replaced by the graduates and students of this year Lviv State School of Physical Culture: Angelina Ovcharenko, Maryna Valieva, Valentyna Froliak, Katerina Kozak, Olga Bratkovska, Diana Dmytryshyn[8]

European record

Season Competition Round Club 1st leg 2nd leg Aggregate
2016–17 EHF Cup R1 Pogoń Baltica Szczecin 24–22 20–24 44–46


Current squad

Squad for the 2018–19 season


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