HCNG dispenser

A HCNG dispenser is a type of fuel dispenser at a filling station that is used to pump HCNG into vehicles.[1]


A HCNG dispenser[2] is in general combined with a CNG dispenser for natural gas vehicles as both use the same feed stream from the compressed natural gas grid, in addition the hydrogen production method differs per station, some stations use on-site generation where other stations use on-site delivery of hydrogen to feed the HCNG dispensers. The dispensed blend is 30% H2 by volume with CNG at 250 bar non-communication fill as HCNG[3]


HCNG dispensers can be found at Hynor (Norway) Thousand palms and Barstow California[4] Fort Collins Colorado, Dunkerque, Grenoble and Toulouse (France)[5] Göteborg Sweden, Dwarka and Faridabad[6] (Delhi), India [7] and the BC hydrogen highway in Canada.

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