H. D. Couzens

Henry De Clifford Couzens (1872–1914)[1] was an American writer.

Couzens was born in Virginia. [2] In 1886 Couzens was living in New York. Couzens then relocated to Hawaii, where he lived for four years. During this time Couzens met Robert Louis Stevenson.[2] Couzens then spent time in New York and Paris studying art, becoming a painter. Couzens then returned to Hawaii and became Chief Deputy in the region's Internal Revenue Service.[2] [3] While on Hawaii, Couzens encountered Jack London. [2] Couzens moved to San Francisco in 1907.

Couzens first published a story in Outing magazine in 1894. Couzens then began to contribute material to the slick magazine Sunset. Couzens also began to have his stories of nautical life regularly appear in pulp magazines such as Adventure and Railroad Man's Magazine.[4]

His 1912 novella, "Brethren of the Beach" was later expanded into a novel; the expanded version was published in Adventure, and also in Cassell's Magazine in the UK. [5] Brethren of the Beach was later published as a hardback book.[3]

Couzens was a member of the Adventurers' Club of New York. [2]

Couzens died of tuberculosis in Arizona, 1914.[3] Couzens was survived by his wife Virginia and his three-year-old son, Robert Knight Couzens.[2]

His grandfather was Matthew K. Couzens, a New York State Engineer.


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