Hōkai Amplifier

Hōkai Amplifier (崩壊アンプリファー, Hōkai Anpurifā, Destructive Amplifier) is the major-label debut EP by Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation, released on November 25, 2002 on Under Flower Records.[1]

Hōkai Amplifier
EP by
ReleasedNovember 25, 2002 (original)
April 23, 2003 (re-release)
at GOK Sound Studio in Tokyo, Japan
GenreIndie rock, alternative rock
LabelUnder Flower
ProducerKatsuhisa Ogawa
Asian Kung-Fu Generation chronology
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Hōkai Amplifier
Kimi Tsunagi Five M


After six years since its inception and three independent releases, Asian Kung-Fu Generation contributed to the Under Flower compilation album, Whatch You Gonna Do?, before dropping their first major-label EP.[1] The critically acclaimed mini-album topped the High Line Records weekly chart for two weeks straight and peaked at number thirty-five on the Oricon indies sales chart.[2] Due to its success, Hōkai Amplifier was re-released by Ki/oon Records on April 23, 2003. Although the mini-album didn't release any singles, the intro track "Haruka Kanata" enjoyed immense domestic and international popularity after it came to be used as the second opening theme for the anime series Naruto.[3] In 2014, the album was released again as a 12-inch analog record.[4]

Track listing

All lyrics are written by Masafumi Gotoh; all music is composed by Masafumi Gotoh, except "Rashinban" by Gotoh and Takahiro Yamada.

1."Haruka Kanata" (遥か彼方 Far Away)4:02
2."Rashinban" (羅針盤 Compass)2:32
3."Konayuki" (粉雪 Powder Snow)3:46
4."Ao no Uta" (青の歌 Blue Song)3:52
5."Sunday" (サンデイ Sandei)4:03
Total length:22:51


Chart positions

Year Chart Peak positions
2002 High Line Records 1
Oricon Indie 35



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