György Vashegyi

György Vashegyi (born 1970) is a Hungarian harpsichordist and conductor. He founded the Purcell Choir in 1990 for a performance of Dido and Aeneas.[1] From November 2017 he was elected President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA, Magyar Művészeti Akadémia), founded 1992.[2]


  1. DavidWyn Jones Haydn 1351564064 2017 ... that György Vashegyi in the last seven years performed in Eszterháza forty-two early symphonies, many concertos, furthermore with his Purcell Choir all of the early masses, the Stabat Mater, etc.; that in a nearby church (Fertőszentmiklós) ...
  2. György Vashegyi is the new President of MMA "Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated György Vashegyi in a letter, in which he wrote: "Culture is an expression of the strength of a nation, the embodiment of its intellectual radiation, and a pledge of its survival."
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