Gwen Munro

Gwen Munro (born 1915) was an Australian actor best known for playing the female lead in Orphan of the Wilderness (1936).


Munro grew up in privileged circumstances in Toorak, Melbourne and was partly educated in Switzerland and a finishing school in Paris.[1] On returning to Australia she entered a beauty contest being held by Paramount and won. The prize included a small part in the Hollywood film, Search for Beauty (1934). While in Los Angeles Munro also played the lead role in a production at the Pasadena Playhouse of Dear Bill by Australian writer Jim Warwick.[2]

Munro returned to Australia, where she performed on stage in The Wind and the Rain for J.C. Williamson Ltd. She then received an offer to make Orphan of the Wilderness for Ken G. Hall at Cinesound Productions. Her beauty and background caused her appearance in the film to be much publicised in the local media.[3] Munro fell ill during shooting, helping cause the production to fall four days behind schedule.[4] Nonetheless, director Ken G. Hall was pleased with her performance[5] and used her again in Let George Do It (1938). In between these films she also appeared in Typhoon Treasure (1938) for director Noel Monkman, which was shot on location in North Queensland.

Munro married in 1939[6] after which she appears to have retired.



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