Guru Nanak Stadium

Guru Nanak Stadium is a football stadium in Ludhiana, India. It hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2001 National Games of India. It also hosted JCT FC of the I-League. It has seating capacity of 15,000 spectators. There is a provision of 8 lane synthetic track with a two lane warming up track. The track conforms to international standards for conduct of any national or international meet. It has a well maintained football ground which hosts the Annual National Football League matches.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Guru Nanak Stadium
Full nameGuru Nanak Stadium
Coordinates30.910961°N 75.845082°E / 30.910961; 75.845082
Minerva Punjab FC
National Games of India (2001)

Stadium description

The stadium is located at Gandhi Nagar, Koh - E - Fiza, Ludhiana, Punjab. It is near to Chaura Bazaar , Ludhiana junction and Inter State Bus Terminal of Ludhiana is also few minutes away.


Latitude = 30.9115, Longitude = 75.8448 Lat = 30 degrees, 54.7 minutes North Long = 75 degrees, 50.7 minutes East


Bus Stand is near to it. Reaching to bus stand first and then using taxi or hiring an auto rickshaw for the stadium is simplest way to reach stadium. It takes 5 to 10 minutes. Railway Station is on short walking distance Stadium.


It has been built at a cost of approx. Rs. 50 crore


After Minerva Punjab FC started playing in the stadium,it got criticized for poor ground quality by the fans and football pundits.


It had the privilege of hosting 31 st National Games in the year 2001, in the newly renovated Guru Nanak Stadium.


Stadium is hosting some domestic Kabaddi matches like Canada Kabaddi Cup. It also hosted matches of Kabaddi World Cup.

DateTimeTeam #1ResultTeam #2Roundcategory
12 April 201017:30 Canada66-22 ItalyThird-place playoffMen
12 April 201019:30 India58-24 PakistanFinalMen
20 November 201117:15 Pakistan60-22 ItalyThird-place playoffMen
20 November 201119:15 India44-17 EnglandFinalWomen
20 November 201122:15 India59-25 CanadaFinalMen
15 December 201220:00 India72-12 MalaysiaFinalWomen
15 December 201221:00 India59-25 PakistanFinalMen
14 December 201322:00 India48-39 PakistanFinalMen


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