Gupp Chupp

Gupp Chupp is a silent comedy broadcast on SAB TV from 6 August 2016.[1][2]


  • Saanand Verma as Vivek Kohli (Owner Of Kohli Cake Shop / Always in sleep / Attraction For Bulbul Shethi)[3]
  • Monica Castelino as Lovely Kohli (Wife Of Vivek Kohli / Always have tricky idea to beat Shethis)
  • Sahiba Khurana as Naniji (Mother Of Lovely Kohli / Attracted towards father of Sonu Shethi / Re curring role)
  • Palak Day as Tina Kohli (Daughter Of Kohlis / Friend of Bobby Kohli / Always wanted to unite both family
  • Naveen Bawa as Sonu Shethi (Shethi Sweets Shop owner / Always have tricky idea to beat Kohlis)
  • Sharad Vyas as Dadaji (Father of Sonu Shethi / Former Army officer / Supporting Role)
  • Samiksha Bhatnagar as Bulbul Shethi (Wife Of Sonu Shethi / Selfie Queen)
  • Unknown as Bobby Shethi (Son of Sonu Shethi / Friend of Tina Kohli / Re curring Role)


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