Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James

Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James is a light gun shooter video game developed by Rebellion Developments and published by Ubi Soft for the PlayStation 2.[1] It is the sequel to the 2001 game Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James. It is compatible with the GunCon 2 controller (G-Con 2 in Europe). The game's plot is set in the American Old West. The game's protagonist is Jesse James, an American outlaw who lived in the 19th century.

Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James
Developer(s)Rebellion Developments
Publisher(s)Ubi Soft
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
  • EU: December 31, 2003
Genre(s)Rail shooter
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer


Gameplay is very similar to the original installment. The player takes control of the main character's weapon in a first person Perspective. While the computer controls the character's movement, the player should take out all of the enemies in a limited time.


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