Gulf Cooperation Council Athletics Championships

The Gulf Cooperation Council Athletics Championship (also known as the GCC Athletics Championships) is a biennial international athletics competition between athletes from nations within the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. It was first held in 1986.

In addition to the senior championship, the GCC also holds the Gulf Cooperation Council Youth Athletics Championships.[1] The GCC holds championships for various other sports, including golf, basketball and fencing.

The 2011 championships was held as part of the 2011 GCC Games.


Ed. Year City Country Dates No. of
No. of
1st 1986 Doha Qatar
2nd 1988 Doha Qatar
3rd 1992 Riyadh Saudi Arabia
4th 1994 Doha Qatar
5th 1996 Kuwait City Kuwait
6th 1998 Muscat Oman
7th 2000 Kuwait City Kuwait
8th 2002 Qatif Saudi Arabia
9th 2003 Kuwait City Kuwait
10th 2005 Manama Bahrain
11th 2007 ? ?
12th 2009 Qatif Saudi Arabia
13th 2011 Isa Town Bahrain
14th 2013 Doha Qatar
15th 2015 Qatif Saudi Arabia
16th 2017 Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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