Guitars Sound Softly Through the Night

Guitars Sound Softly Through the Night (German: Gitarren klingen leise durch die Nacht) is a 1960 Austrian romantic musical film directed by Hans Deppe and starring Fred Bertelmann, Margit Nünke and Vivi Bach.[1]

Guitars Sound Softly Through the Night
Directed byHans Deppe
Produced byHerbert Gruber
Written byJanne Furch
Werner Hill
StarringFred Bertelmann
Margit Nünke
Vivi Bach
Music byCharly Niessen
CinematographyWalter Tuch
Edited byHerma Sandtner
Sascha Film
Distributed byPrisma Film (West Germany)
Release date
19 February 1960
Running time
84 minutes

It was shot at the Rosenhügel Studios in Vienna and on location in Sicily. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Fritz Jüptner-Jonstorff and Alexander Sawczynski.



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