Guinevere Jones

Guinevere Jones is a Canadian/Australian fantasy television series and a series of four novels. It revolves around the adventures of the title character as she uses magic to fight evil, while at the same time dealing with problems and difficulties of high school. The show debuted in Canada on May 4, 2002 on YTV and ten days later in Australia. It ran for twenty-six episodes over two seasons.

Guinevere Jones
The cover of the first book
Created byElizabeth Stewart
Based onArthurian legend
Written byElizabeth Stewart (creator)
Jesse McKeown
John Meadows
Annie Beach
Therese Beaupre
Ysabelle Dean
Rick Drew
Jutta Goetze
Piers Hobson
Cathy Moss
Susin Nielsen
Deborah Peraya
Directed byPeter Sharp
Arnie Custo
Bill Hughes
Pino Amenta
StarringTamara Hope
Greta Larkins
Damien Bodie
Yani Gellman
Aljin Abella
Bridget Neval
Ted Hamilton
Don Halbert
Ian Dixon
Composer(s)Jack Lenz
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Bruce Gordon
Tom Parkinson
Elizabeth Stewart
Kim Todd
Producer(s)Sarah Cronin-Stanley
Lynn Bayonas
Tim Williams
Production location(s)Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
CinematographyGary Moore
Editor(s)Charlotte Disher
George Roulston
Robert K. Sprogis
Camera setupGavin Head
Bruce Phillips
Peter White
Production company(s)Crawford Productions
Original Pictures
Ibis Entertainment
DistributorFilm Brokers International (all media)
Network Ten (Australia) (all media)
Renown Pictures Corporation (2002) (World-wide) (TV)
Original networkYTV (Canada)
Network Ten (Australia)
Original releaseMay 4 
December 7, 2002
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Television Show

Elizabeth Stewart created the television show. Both seasons aired in 2002.


There are a total of twenty-six episodes, with thirteen in each season. Each episode has a self-contained little plot, but there are also several story arcs stretching across multiple episodes. Indeed, most episodes start with both a teaser and a "Last Time on Guinevere Jones..." plot review. The last three episodes are direct continuations of each other and are like a miniature serial.

Season 1

Season 1 Aired in May, June, and July 2002.

Episode Title Summary
1.1 Hard Rain The series opener. Running from sinister things in Canada, Gwen and her mother move to suburban Melbourne. Gwen's Mom is declared insane and is put in a hospital. Gwen is put in foster care. She meets Merlin and finds out that she is the reincarnation of Guinevere and learns that her true destiny is to fight evil.
1.2 Psyched People in St. James' Hospital are seeing things. Gwen and her Mom see them too.
1.3 That Old Black Magic Morgana kidnaps Tasha. Josh and Gwen must rescue her.
1.4 Ordinary Evil Katie is removed from Harve and Louise's foster care. Gwen believes that she may have inadvertently cast a spell to cause that.
1.5 Weird Sisters During a rehearsal for a school production of MacBeth, Gwen starts to see visions of the future. They start coming true. Meanwhile, her pendant goes missing, and Reine develops a crush on Josh.
1.6 Dybbukkin A mischievous demon possesses Spencer. Reine finds out that Gwen can do magic.
1.7 First Date Josh and Gwen start falling in love.
1.8 Warwe and Mineer A magical rock with Aborigine paintings and magical powers traps Spencer inside.
1.9 Love Hurts This is the first episode with Michael. Tasha has a crush on him, and tries to get Gwen to cast a love spell on him. It goes wrong.
1.10 The Dryad A dryad named Fern lives in the huge tree near the glade where Gwen meets Merlin. The tree is due to be cut down by a company owned by Reine's father.
1.11 Solo Act Michael's father bribes the school so Michael will make the basketball team. However, that is exactly what Michael does not want. Meanwhile, Gwen finds that there is something Magical about Michael.
1.12 Shadows Gwen manages to get Gadowain to stop following Michael around while invisible, but now he can't leave Tasha's shop and starts eating all of the snacks.
1.13 Choices A woman named Amanda enters Gwen's life and provides proof that she is her Aunt. However, there is something disturbing about Amanda.

Season 2

Season 2 aired in September, October, November, and December 2002.

Episode Title Summary
2.1 Lost and Found
2.2 Time Cuts Tasha sees Black Angus, an evil dog that dooms everyone who sees it to death. Using a faerie device, Gwen goes back in time to prevent anyone from seeing it.
2.3 Detention While studying time capsules left behind by a class long ago, Gwen and Tasha discover find a horrible secret about a teacher who disappeared fifty years go.
2.4 Wishes Using an artifact, Josh wishes for Gwen's love. His wish comes true and Gwen loves him... at the cost of everything else.
2.5 Tribes
2.6 Easy Money Someone casts a spell and tries to frame Gwen for stealing money. Gwen must find the real culprit and contend with an over-zealous police investigator who thinks she is guilty.
2.7 No Place Like Home This is a partial clip show. Someone casts a spell on Gwen to prevent her from leaving her foster parents' shop. She must find out who did it, why they did it, and how to stop them.
2.8 Bloodlines Michael's parents are in a car accident. This unleashes a chain of events that leads to him finding out a dark secret about his past.
2.9 Fifi Spencer accidentally sells his emotions for complete knowledge of the secrets of the universe. Gwen must get them back. Meanwhile, Michael has disappeared.
2.10 Spellbound
2.11 What Guinevere Knew
2.12 Darkness Falls
2.13 Rebellion As humanity wallows under Morgana's tyranny, Gwen organizes Tasha, Josh, Spencer, Harve, Louise and Katie – all of whom are unaware that the world was ever different – into a resistance. Reluctantly accepting O'Leary's help, Gwen infiltrates Morgana's dungeons to retrieve Merlin's Stone and discovers her way blocked by Reine, Morgana's chief henchman. In a final showdown, Gwen makes the startling revelation that Reine is, in fact, Morgana, who has used the crystal to rejuvenate herself. Gwen leads her friends to victory over Morgana and returns the crystal to Merlin, thereby restoring reality. As Gwen and Karen prepare to move out of Rosen's and find their own apartment, there's one more surprise left for Gwen: the realization that Patrick O'Leary is her father.


There are several major characters in the television show and books:

Main characters

  • Gwen Jones is the protagonist. She uses magic to fight evil. She finds out in the first episode that she is the reincarnation of Guinevere, the queen of Camelot from King Arthur's time. Her mother (Karen Jones) was captured by an evil spirit and spent her days in the mental hospital. Gwen was adopted by the Rosens who lived in a shop called New Sage which sell magical stuffs. (portrayed by Tamara Hope).
  • Tasha Myers is Josh's sister. She works at a cafe called the Arc which is frequented by students at the school. She is Gwen's best friend and a great helper in Gwen's fight against evil. (portrayed by Greta Larkins).
  • Josh Myers is Tasha's brother. He is very much a foil to his sister. Sometime he acts like a boyfriend to Gwen along with Michael. (portrayed by Damien Bodie).
  • Michael Medina is Gwen's friend and sometimes boyfriend. He was unwillingly protected by Gadowain until he used a magical gauntlet to repel the fairy. (portrayed by Yani Gellman). Only after Episode 9.
  • Spencer Huang is a friend of Tasha's. (portrayed by Aljin Abella).
  • Reine Davidson is the primary antagonist of Gwen and her friends. She has some knowledge of magic herself. She has a crush on Josh as well as later on Michael. (portrayed by Bridget Neval).
  • Merlin often offers Gwen advice but is also difficult. He is actually a spirit projecting himself from the past. (portrayed by Ted Hamilton).
  • Patrick O'Leary is one of Gwen's teachers at the school. There seems to be something sinister about him, but he is actually Gwen's father. (portrayed by Don Halbert).
  • Gadowain is a troublesome fairy. Michael's protector. (portrayed by Ian Dixon).

Minor characters

These all appear in relatively few episodes or are not very important to the advancement of the overall story arc.

  • Arthur, the king of Camelot and husband of Guinevere. He appears in flashbacks. (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth).
  • Lancelot, the knight of Camelot, whom Guinevere cheated on King Arthur with. He appeared in one flashback. (portrayed by Alex Tsitsopoulos)
  • Fire Bromsky is a member of Reine's gang. Her real name is Frances. (portrayed by Vanessa Elliott).
  • Wind Winters, whose real name is Winifred Winters, is a member of Reine's gang. (portrayed by Katie Campbell).
  • Morgana La Faye is an evil witch who opposes Gwen and Merlin. (portrayed by Mercia Deane-Johns).
  • Penelope Blatt is the Socials teacher. (portrayed by Pepe Trevor).
  • Harve Rosen is Gwen's foster father. (portrayed by Dennis Coard).
  • Louise Rosen is Gwen's foster mother. (portrayed by Briony Behets).
  • Katie Dawson is Gwen's foster sister and in foster care herself. (portrayed by Madeline Page).
  • Karen Jones is Gwen's mom. (portrayed by Trudy Hellier).

There are other characters, such as one-episode appearers, who are very unimportant or are only relevant in one episode.


Based on the discussions in the series, people whose souls have been around for many lifetimes have magical ability. There appears to be a direct relationship between the age of the soul and a character's magic. Gwen, who has had many lifetimes, has powerful magic. Her Mom has some magic but not as much as Gwen. This is specifically discussed in the second episode.

It is specifically mentioned in the fifth episode (Weird Sisters) that objects do not have any magical ability. They just assist the bearer. This does not mean that objects cannot have spells cast on them. For example, the stone from Warwe and Mineer has magic on it.

The glade where Gwen talks to Merlin is near two Ley lines. This allows Gwen to focus her magic better.

Magical artifacts

There are several magical items. The most important is a large fluorescent blue gemstone called Merlin's Stone. It is so powerful that it could allow the bearer to become immortal and break away from the endless cycle of death and rebirth. That is the reason Morgana seeks it.

Formed from a tiny piece of the stone is Gwen's pendant. Assists her in using magic. She has used for some of these purposes: erasing memories, influencing the actions of other people, and moving objects through telekinesis, as well as other purposes. The pendant lights up when near Merlin's stone.

In the first episode, Gwen receives a book from an unknown person. In the third episode the book gets destroyed because evil magic is in it.

Eventually, in Rebellion, it is revealed that Merlin's Stone is actually relatively unimportant; Gwen's Pendant is actually more powerful.


The majority of the action takes place in several places. The fictional Griffin High School is where most of the scenes involving school take place. It is casually mentioned in the thirteenth episode that the setting is near Melbourne, Australia.

Near the school is a small forest glade where Gwen can talk to Merlin. Merlin mentions that the glade is near where two ley lines intersect. That is also where Gwen learns much of her magic.

The Arc is the cafe and arcade where Tasha works. It is frequented by other students. The store Gwen's foster parents run is called The New Sage. It sells herbs. Gwen and her foster family live on the second floor of that same building. The hospital is called St. James's Hospital.


The series was a co-production between Canada and Australia. The Canadian production companies were Original Pictures Inc and Ibis Entertainment. They are based in Winnipeg. The Australian production company was Crawford Productions. The show was filmed at St. Hellier's Convent, a 120-year-old building and heritage site in Melbourne, Australia.


Guinevere Jones is or was aired on: YTV and several other networks for its initial run. On March 1, 2005, YTV announced that it would be airing reruns of the show during the last half of March through May. In 2005, it appeared on Disney Italy, Nickelodeon UK, Nickelodeon Arabia, and France 2. In Australia it was aired on Network Ten. The show also aired in the UK on Film 24 (Sky 157) on 7 November 2009.


  • The four novels are a direct novelization of the television series.
  • The first book is called A River Through Time and covers the events from the first fourth of the series. It was written by Sophie Masson.
  • Book 2 covers the events of the remainder of the first season. It was written by Felicity Pulman. Its title is Love and Other Magic.
  • The third book, titled The Dark Side of Magic covers the first part of the second season. It was also written by Pulman.
  • Book 4, also by Masson, is called No Place Like Home. It covers the events from the last part of the second season.
  • All four books are published by Random House Australia.

Selected quotes

  • "I told you, my name is Gwen." - Said by Gwen in every opening credit sequence.
  • "We all have many lifetimes. We first met when you were King Arthur's queen. Your destiny is magic, Guinevere. Your task is to fight evil." - Said by Merlin in the opening credits.

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