Guido Pepoli

Guido Pepoli (May 6, 1560 – June 1599) was an Italian cardinal. He was ordained[1] by Pope Sixtus V on December 20, 1589 and held office of Treasurer of His Holiness.[2] From January 15, 1590 to February 6, 1592 he was Cardinal-Deacon of Sts. Cosmas and Damian,[3] in Rome, and, later, Cardinal-Deacon of S. Eustachio, in Rome, until January 8, 1596. Then, succeeding to Cardinal Costanzo da Sarnano, he was ordained Cardinal-Priest of S. Pietro in Montorio, in Rome, until he died, in June 1599, at 39 years old.


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Federico Borromeo (seniore)
Cardinal-Deacon of Santi Cosma e Damiano
Succeeded by
Flaminio Piatti
Preceded by
Girolamo Mattei
Cardinal-Deacon of Sant'Eustachio
Succeeded by
Odoardo Farnese
Preceded by
Ippolito de' Rossi
Cardinal-Priest of San Biagio dell'Anello
Succeeded by
Fernando Niño de Guevara
Preceded by
Costanzo de Sarnano
Cardinal-Priest of San Pietro in Montorio
Succeeded by
Domenico Toschi

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