Guide Hachette des Vins

The Guide Hachette des Vins is a French wine buying guide published by Hachette Livre (Hachette Pratique). Its first edition was released in 1985.[1] It is France's best-selling wine guide and one of France's oldest.[2] The Guide Hachette des Vins is considered to be France' most authoritative guide and commonly referred to as the bible of the French wine industry.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

Blind tasting panels

The Guide Hachette uses blind tasting panels to evaluate wines by appellation.[1] Each year 40,000 wines are tasted blind and rated by experts.[1][7]

No fee is required to submit samples.[9] Only the most recently bottled vintage is allowed to be submitted for blind tasting.[1]

Wine tastings are organized locally in each region between January and May.[1] Blind tasting sessions composed of a panel wine professionals (enologists, wine merchants, wine brokers, sommeliers) are organized with the Syndicat Viticole or Winegrower's Syndicate of each appellation present in the guide.[1]

Rating system

Each wine is rated on a scale of 0 to 5.[7][9]

Taster's gradeWine QualityFinal Wine Rating
0Faulty wineEliminated
1Poor or mediocreEliminated
2GoodCommended (no stars)

The top rated wines are subject to a second round of blind tasting.[7] After the second tasting, the panel votes on one or two wines to receive Coup de Coeur [Judges' Favorite].[7] The Coup de Coeur is considered to be the highest recommendation.[6][10][11][12][13]

Regions covered

The 2016 edition covers:


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