Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is an Indian Hindi television series broadcast on Zee TV. The show premiered on 3 September 2018 and stars Kanika Mann and Nishant Malkani. It is the story of 20-year old who becomes India's youngest mother-in-law and how she shows how anyone can do anything if they try. The show is produced by Ved Raj's Shoonya Square Productions.[1]

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega
Created byVed Raj
Written byVed Raj
Mansvi Arya
Shweta Bhardwaj
Story byVed Raj
Directed byVaibhav Singh
Creative director(s)Vidhi Tandon
StarringKanika Mann
Nishant Malkani
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes356
Producer(s)Ved Raj
Production location(s)Mumbai
Editor(s)Sanjay Singh
Camera setupMulti
Running timeapprox 22 minutes
Production company(s)Shoonya Square Productions Private Limited
Original networkZee TV
Original release3 September 2018 (2018-09-03) 
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The show follows the story of Guddan, who due to unforeseen circumstances finds herself getting married to a widower, Akshat Jindal and becoming India's youngest mother-in-law to her three daughters-in-law.

Guddan lost her mother very early as a child and was brought up by her father and evil-stepmother. In a series of flashbacks, it was revealed that Guddan considers herself guilty of not being able to save her birth mother. Her stepmother left no chance trying to put Guddan down and break her confidence by telling her " Guddan tumse na ho payega". Guddan's support system in her family constitutes of her father, Bhushan Gupta and half-sister Revati Gupta. When she gets married to Akshat, even though Akshat does not love her, he protects her and always stands with her in her time of need. As a result, she slowly starts regaining her confidence and believing in herself. In her marital home, Guddan's mother in law (Akshat's mother) is an ardent supporter of Guddan and adores her as she believes that Guddan is the perfect life partner for her beloved son Akshat and is the only one who can bring colours back to his life. In the beginning Guddan seems to think that Akshat kidnapped Revati to marry her but as she starts living with him, she realizes he is a good person who can never do such a thing. In the beginning she used to call Akshat as "Uncle" but slowly she starts respecting him and starts calling him "Jindal Sahab". She seems to be able to read Akshat's emotions better than anyone else in his family even his mother. Guddan is also very protective of Akshat. In order to save Akshat, she burned her hands while doing aarti on his late wife's death anniversary.

On the other hand, Akshat lost his first wife very early in a traumatic accident and seems to have closed off himself from the entire outside world. He is a very serious-no nonsense kind of person who does not believe in emotions. He wears dark colours and the only time he is seen emotional is when he talks to his late first wife's portrait. Early in the series, audience finds out that the three sons are adopted and not Akshat's own sons. He seems to have adopted them after an accident. In a series of flashbacks, it was revealed that Akshat considers himself guilty of not being able to save his first wife Antara. However things start changing when he gets married to Guddan. He starts experiencing emotions whether it is anger or protectiveness. He is also over protective towards Guddan and is always there to make sure she is safe. In the early stages of their marriage, Akshat seems to think that Guddan married him through deceit and is after his money, so he doesn't trust her. But as they start living together, he begins to realize that she is innocent and kind-hearted. During their reception he finds out that it was Guddan's step-mother who got them married through deceit. He begins to trust Guddan and appreciate her for being good to his mother. On the surface he always seems angry with Guddan but he deeply cares about her. Even though he hates colours, he wore a pink shirt to his and Guddan's reception on Guddan's insistence. Similarly when the family goes to an amusement park on Republic day, he first refuses to accompany Guddan on the rides but when he realizes she is scared, he jumps into the moving ride to give her company. Similarly he has risked his life multiple times in order to save Guddan.

The story starts with Akshat's daughter-in-laws (DILs) searching for a wife for Akshat. Guddan and Akshat first meet at Akshat's birthday party thrown by Akshat's daughter in laws where Guddan comes to deliver a cake. Akshat mistakenly thinks Guddan's step mother is one of the prospective candidates to be his wife and insults her. Guddan livid at her step-mother's insult smashes the cake on Akshat's face. In the meanwhile, Akshat receives a letter from his late wife Antara where she asks him to get married within 15 days of receiving that letter. So Akshat agrees to get married. Akshat's daughter-in-laws start scouting candidates for the marriage and hold interviews. Guddan accidentally lands up in one of these interviews as she assumes it is an audition for Ramleela and pretends to be Leela. The DILs are impressed with Leela aka Guddan and take her picture along with few other pictures to Akshat. Akshat angrily picks a random picture from the pile without even looking and it is revealed to the audience that he selected Guddan's picture. Akshat's mother seems to love Leela (Guddan in disguise) and approves the match by giving her ancestral bangles to Guddan. However Guddan's disguise gets discovered and Guddan also realizes that the interview was not a Ramleela audition but Akshat's prospective wife interview. On discovering this, she declares that even if Akshat was the last man on earth, she would never marry him. Akshat seems to be impressed with Guddan at this point.

Slowly it is revealed that Revati, Guddan's sister is in love with Parv Singh (a corrupt police officer, who also happens to be Saraswati's brother) who is already married to Akshat's friend's daughter Siddhi. When Revati tries to commit suicide, Akshat helps Guddan out by forcing the doctors to admit Revati. Guddan thanks Akshat for his help but also get irritated with his high and mighty attitude and vows never to see him again. However Parv keeps blackmailing Revati and Guddan so Guddan goes to Akshat to ask for his help in getting rid of Parv from her sister's life in exchange for anything he wants. So Akshat decides to help her and in exchange asks her to marry him because he is running out of time to fulfill his late wife's wish. Furthermore he want to marry Guddan because she seems to hate him, so she would never expect anything from him and would leave him soon. Guddan refuses to get married to him but Akshat forces her to publicly get engaged to him. However Akshat's DILs hate Guddan and leave no chance to insult Guddan and her family. Guddan instigated by Akshat's DILs runs away from her sangeet and runs into goons. Akshat saves her but realizes that she doesn't want to marry him and breaks the engagement, deciding to marry another girl at last minute. Parv plots to take revenge from Guddan and Akshat for separating him from Revati by getting Guddan and Akshat married to each other. So he kidnaps Revati and forces Guddan to take the place of Akshat's bride. As a result Guddan and Akshat get married.

When it is revealed that Guddan is the girl married to Akshat, the daughter-in-laws try to throw Guddan out of the house but Akshat stops them and refuses to make Guddan leave because in-spite of circumstances of their marriage, the fact was that Guddan was married to him. So he tells the DILs to accept Guddan as their mother in law from now on. Akshat's mother is overjoyed at the wedding of Guddan and Akshat and supports Guddan against the daughter in laws. Moreover Rawat (Antara's brother) forces Guddan to stay with Akshat to collect proof to frame Akshat for Antara's death. The story then focusses on how Guddan and Akshat start living together under one roof and build an understanding for each other in spite of all the friction around them.

Recently there was a revelation that Guddan knew that Rawat (Antara's brother) wanted to frame Akshat for Antara's murder and yet Guddan concealed it from Akshat and rest of the family. On finding this Akshat is furious at Guddan and breaks her mangalsutra. Guddan vows to wear the mangalsutra again only when Akshat himself makes her wear it and acknowledges her as his wife. In the meanwhile, it is discovered that Akshat has a biological brother, Angad, who is mentally unstable and has been kept away from the Jindal household as Akshat believes he can be dangerous especially to the women in the family. It is implied by Mrs. Jindal (Akshat's mother) that the timing of Angad's insanity is somehow related to Antara's death. Guddan convinces Akshat to let Angad stay at Jindal house so that he can get better. The entire Jindal family goes to celebrate Holi in Goa where in–spite of the misunderstandings, Guddan and Akshat spend time with each other and seem to get close again. In Goa, Durga's brother Rocky misbehaves with Guddan and tries to rape her. Akshat reaches on time and saves Guddan from Rocky. He gets into an ugly fight with Rocky who in turn tries to justify his actions by saying that Akshat does not consider Guddan his wife and that's why Guddan doesn't have a mangalsutra in her neck. On hearing this Akshat gets furious and remarries Guddan on the spot by taking the holy pheras and putting sindoor in Guddan's forehead. When Akshat is about to put the mangalsutra in Guddan's neck she stops him and says that she wants him to tie it on her neck on the day when he starts considering her his wife from his heart, without any guilt or pressure.

Meanwhile Durga is livid about Rocky's insult and vows to take revenge from Guddan and Akshat by using Angad. She instigates Angad and changes his medicines to make Angad believe that Guddan is in love with Angad. As a result Angad gets jealous when Akshat and Guddan spend time together. On the day Akshat decides to tie mangalsutra on Guddan's neck, Angad stabs Akshat and makes Jindal family believe that Akshat is dead. Angad reveals to Guddan that Akshat is alive however Guddan should accept his marriage proposal if she wants to save Akshat. Guddan eventually manages to rescue Akshat. On coming home, Akshat accepts Guddan as his wife and puts a thread in her neck in-lieu of mangalsutra and vows to avenge the pain he and his wife had to go through. Akshat plans with Guddan to set a trap for Angad, Rocky and the mastermind behind the duo. Akshat and Guddan manage to find out that the mastermind was Saraswati (though it was Durga). Dadi asked Saraswati to leave the house but Guddan stopped her saying that she must be given a second chance. After that, Akshat and Guddan became friends. Akshat's bua came to the Jindal house. Guddan is asked to pretend to be a strict saas in front of her. Guddan tried her best, but,she was unable to behave strict with her dils.She told buaji "saas and bahu can be friends and me and my bahus are also friends, I can't misbehave with them. Buaji challenged Guddan to prove herself right and Buaji wrong. Firstly she challenged Guddan to make mangoshake for orphan kids which Guddan won. And after that a dance competition,in which buaji blackmailed Durga bahu that if she lose she will be divorced from Kishore.Guddan heard this and smartly made Durga win the competition. Akshat understood everything. For insulting Guddan and taking out the reality of Akshat's and Guddan's relationship in front of Buaji, Durga gave a medicine to Guddan which caused her vomit many times and made lakshmi and dadi believe that Guddan is pregnant but when AJ came to know about it he told the family that their relationship is not like a normal couple. Guddan was accused of also not being a good wife as too. Guddan was shattered but Akshat stood by her and encouraged her to talk to buaji and she did. Lakshmi and dadi sent the duo to an unplanned date which brought both of them more closer.Same night, Guddan was accused of trying to burn Durga alive but AJ told the family that he trusts her . Guddan left the house but came back as a strict saas. She finally proved that a saas and bahu can be friends. Buaji left for her village and Guddan vows to find the real culprit. AJ and Guddan finally found that it was nobody else but Parv. It is also revealed that Angad and Revati love each other. Parv ran away before AJ can catch him.Parv made the Jindals eat seduced meal and made them unconscious and tried to marry Revati forcefully. He tied up whole family and left dadi with poisonous gas, Lakshmi in water tank and Akshat with snakes. Guddan managed to save all but herself get bitten by the snake. AJ took her to the hospital where doctors told that her condition is critical.AJ did a maha-aarti for Guddan and walked on burning coals but doctors told that she can't be saved .Akshat badly cried and finally confessed his love to her and said that he can't lose her like Antara.Guddan is presumed to be dead. Akshat is heartbroken.There was a heaven sequence of duo which Akshat requests Guddan not to leave him alone as no one in the house can understand him better than her.He can't live without her. Guddan is finally saved and is back to Jindal house again. Now, AJ is very caring towards her.Akshat finally falls in love with Guddan. Durga tries to create misunderstanding between Akshat and Guddan but all in vain. Family plans to get Akshat and Guddan married again. Akshat writes a letter to Guddan in which he confesses his love for her and asks her to wear the saree gifted by him if her answer is yes. But Durga spills blue colour on that saree which turns the saree blue so Akshat thinks that Guddan doesn't love him. But finally the misunderstanding is sorted out and they are about to exchange rings but before that Antara, Akshat's first wife comes back.Jindals are shocked to see her. She reveals that it was Angad who tried to kill her due to his mental unstability after which Akshat tried his best to save her but the Ambulance which was taking Antara to hospital met with an accident on the way.Guddan is shocked and believes that now Antara is back so Akshat doesn't need her. Antara enters Akshat's room as his wife after which Guddan feels jealous with Antara as she is now in love with Akshat.But,Akshat truly loves Guddan and has now moved on from Antara.Acutually Antara's condition stopped Akshat from telling her the truth. Guddan told Antara that Angad and Revati were about to get engaged when she entered. She told her that she is living there are Revati's sister.Antara is too possessive towards Akshat which upsets Akshan each time. Akshat finally told Antara that Guddan is nobody else but his wife when Antara tried to remove her palm prints from the wall.Antara was heartbroken on hearing this. But surprisingly she accepted Akshan and asked them to get married in front of her eyes. But it was not as simple actually Antara was planning to separate them. She spiked the sweets and make Akshan eat it. She asked both of them to come on the terrace and made a impression that Akshat had spent a night with her. Just after that she revealed to Guddan that she was never in coma and left Akshat because he was not rich at that time and he adopted his brother's son after his death.She is now back for money only and does not love Akshat and the family. Guddan is determined to reveal her truth in front of family. But all her attempts were fail. Vikram Rawat tried to help her but was killed by Antara.Antara told the family that she is pregnant.Durga was Antara partner in these.Akshat announced his wedding with Antara. Antara for money tried to get her adopted sons and dils out of the house but Guddan stopped them and she told the family that Akshat has transferred 51% of his property on her name.Akshat and dadi refused to believe Guddan that Antara is wrong. After that, Durga Bahu starts to change and prove herself to Guddan. Guddan does not buy it and belittles Durga but Durga does not give up.Guddan hatches a plan by getting a blood sample to prove Antara is not pregnant. Antara found out and with Saru baby, changes the papers. As Antara is arguing with Guddan, she sees all the family members gathering. Antara puts on a show for the family about Guddan trying to kill her. She pushes herself down the stairs, hurting herself. Guddan tries to tell everyone that she never pushed Antara but no-one believes her. The doctor comes who is involved with Antara and breaks the bad news to the family, Antara lost her child. Everyone is angry at Guddan, Dadi slaps Guddan and Akshat transfers all of his money to Guddan. Just then, Guddan's dad comes and belittles Guddan. Akshat , Dadi and Antara leave the house to go live with Guddan's dad. We later find out that it was all Guddan's plan to keep her family safe. Antara finds out about Guddan's plan and scares her dad to stop otherwise she is accuse him of raping her. Guddan's dad warns Guddan about Antara's tactics. Guddan scared for her family, gives all the property to Antara but Antara isn't happy with that. Antara wants to make Guddan's life a living hell. Antara tells Guddan that she can have Akshat if she will marry any guy she wants. Guddan agrees for the safety of her family and decides the marry the man Antara choose. Antara wants Guddan to marry an old man and leave forever. Akshat enraged about Guddan's marriage, decides to stop it but Antara strikes him in the head and he becomes unconscious. Guddan gets married while Antara watches. Antara and Guddan have another argument. When Antara leaves, happy that Guddan is gone from Akshat's life, it is revealed that Guddan married Akshat not the old man. It is seen that Durga found Akshat unconscious in the car while his phone was ringing. Durga made Akshat conscious and they came to stop the wedding. Akshat realizes his mistake towards Guddan and apologizes but Guddan doesn't believe him. She just wants things to go back to normal but her and Akshat's relation will never be the same."

Akshat try hard to convince his love for Guddan. Akshat disgusting himself as Mr. Honda expose Antara. Antara vows to destroy lives of Jindal family. She unites with Parv & plots against Guddan. Antara kills Akshat's brother Angad & manipulate Guddan's sister Revthi against her sister Guddan. After spending a romantic night together Akshat Shoot Guddan & she fells down from the cliff. A month later Guddan return to Jindal Bhavan to know the truth.



  • Kanika Mann as Guddan Akshat Jindal: Akshat's second wife, Alisha's adoptive mother
  • Nishant Malkani as Akshat Jindal/AJ: Antara and Guddan's husband , Kishore, Vardaan & Rahul's adoptive father
  • Palak Jain as Alisha Jindal: Akshat and Antara's daughter, Guddan's adoptive daughter
  • Pawan Shankar as Vikrant Goyal, Akshat's best friend, Son-in-law of Akshat and Alisha's husband


  • Shweta Mahadik as Durga Jindal: Kishore's wife
  • Sehrish Ali as Lakshmi Jindal: Vardaan's wife
  • Rashmi Gupta as Saraswati Jindal: Rahul's wife
  • Rehaan Roy as Parv Singh: Saraswati's brother
  • Daljeet Soundh as Mrs Jindal: Angad and Akshat's mother, Antara and Guddan's mother-in-law
  • Achal Tankwal as Angad Jindal: Akshat's brother
  • Shrishti Mitra as Revati Gupta, Guddan's half sister
  • Anuj Kohli as Kishore Jindal: Akshata's first adoptive son, Durga's husband
  • Mayank Verma as Vardaan Jindal: Akshat's second adoptive son, Lakshmi's husband
  • Trishna Vivek as Kaushalya: Bhushan's second wife, Guddan's stepmother, Revati's mother
  • Subhasish Chakraborty as Bhushan: Guddan & Revati's father, Kaushalya's husband
  • Jatin Shah as Vikram Rawat: Antara's brother
  • Anjali Ujawane as Akshat’s bua
  • Garima dixit as Siddhi Singh, Parv's wife
  • Manan joshi as Rocky, Durga's brother
  • Dalljiet Kaur as Antara Jindal. Akshat's Ex wife


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega
Original Sound Track
Soundtrack album by
Puneet Dixit
Track list(s)TitleSinger(s)LyricistMusic composer(s)Length
1"Guddan Tumse Naa Ho Paayega" (Title Track)Rakesh Maini, Suchita Vyas, Vini Gora, Chitrlekha SenMansvi AryaPuneet Dixit3:55
2"Lakeerein" (Male version)Esha Gaur and Puneet DixitAbhendra Kumar UpadhyayPuneet Dixit5:00
3"Lakeerein" (Female Version)Esha GaurAbhendra Kumar UpadhyayPuneet Dixit4:18
4"Ishq Nahi Aasaan"Sonu Nigam, Esha Gaur, Shashi Suman and Puneet DixitAbhendra Kumar UpadhyayPuneet Dixit6:30
5"Tum Ho"Esha Gaur and Puneet DixitAbhendra Kumar UpadhyayPuneet Dixit6:39
6"Sang Hoon Tere"Asit Tripathi and Esha GaurAbhendra Kumar UpadhyayPuneet Dixit6:39
7"Chaina"Vipin Aneja and Puneet DixitPriyanka R BalaPuneet Dixit4:12


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