Guaicamacuto-class patrol boat

The Guaicamacuto-class patrol boats (Avante 1400) is a class of offshore patrol vessels or BVL (Spanish: Buque de Vigilancia de Litoral) in Venezuelan Navy service for patrol duty in economic exclusive zone. The contract for the BVL and POVZEE was signed together on the November 25, 2005. The last vessel, Tamanaco, would be constructed locally at the Venezuelan National Dams and Shipyards (DIANCA) in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.

Guaicamacuto Class
Class overview
Builders: Navantia, Cádiz, San Fernando Yard
Operators:  Bolivarian Armada of Venezuela
Planned: 4
Building: 1
Completed: 3
General characteristics
Type: Patrol vessel
Displacement: 1,453 tons standard displacement, 1,720 tons full load
Length: 79.9 m (262 ft)
Beam: 11.8 m (39 ft) (max.)[1]
Draught: 7 m (23 ft)
Draft: 3.7 m (12 ft)
  • Maximum: 22 knots
  • Cruising: 16 knots
  • Economy: 14 knots
Range: At cruising speed of 16 knots: 4000 Nm
Complement: 34 + 30
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Surface Search radar: Thales VARIANT, I - G band
  • Fire Control radar: Thales STING EO, I - K band with TV/IR/Laser
  • Electro-Optics: Thales MIRADOR
Aircraft carried: AB212, AB412 and AS565
Aviation facilities: Landing pad[1]

Ships of class

Name Pennant Laid Down Launched Commissioned
Guaicamacuto GC-21 16-Oct-2008 02-Mar-2010[3]
Yaviré GC-22 unknown 11-Mar-2009[4] 29-Jan-2011
Naiguatá GC-23 unknown 24-Jun-2009[5] 1-Mar-2011
Tamanaco GC-24 unknown unknown unknown


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