Grunwald Bridge

Grunwald Bridge (Polish: Most Grunwaldzki) is a suspension bridge over the river Oder in Wrocław, Poland, built between 1908 and 1910.[1] Initially the bridge was called the Imperial Bridge (Kaiserbrücke), then the Bridge of Freedom (Freiheitsbrücke). Architectural designer of the bridge was a city councilor, Richard Plüddemann.[2] The bridge opened on 10 October 1910 in the presence of Emperor Wilhelm II.[3]

It is one of the longest bridges of its kind in Poland, being 112.5 meters long, 18 meters wide, and weighing 2.3 thousand tons.[4] It was constructed of Silesian granite.

The bridge was damaged during World War II but by September 1947 it had been repaired and reopened.[4] Presently, the national road 98 and a tram line runs across the bridge.


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