Gruner + Jahr

Gruner + Jahr is one of the largest publishing houses in Europe. It is headquartered in Hamburg.

Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co. KG
GenrePublishing house
Founded1965 (1965)
FounderHenri Nannen
Gerd Bucerius
John Jahr Sr.
Richard Gruner
Area served
Key people
ProductsNewspapers, magazines
Revenue1,440,000,000 euro (31 December 2018) 
Number of employees
SubsidiariesPrisma Media (100%)
Motor Presse Stuttgart (59.9%)


Founded on 1 August 1948 as the Henri Nannen publishing house, Gruner + Jahr was created in 1965 from a merger by acquisition, by publishers John Jahr Sr. and Gerd Bucerius joining the printing firm of Richard Gruner. In 1969, Richard Gruner retired, and thanks to the entrepreneurship of Reinhard Mohn, Bertelsmann acquired 25% of the ownership. Over the next fifteen years, the firm grew by expansion, acquisition (publishers Kindler & Schiermeier) and merger (Spiegel Verlag and Motor-Presse Verlag). By 1976, Bertelsmann owned a 74.9% stake, and the Hamburg publishing family Jahr owned 25.1%, a balance which has been maintained through 2007.

In 1978, Gruner + Jahr became the first German publishing house to expand into other European and International markets. Over the next twenty years, publishing houses in France, the USA, and Spain were purchased, and a number of new magazines were started in Germany including Impulse, Schöner Essen, and Gala. In 1990 Gruner + Jahr moved into its new headquarter at Neustadt's Baumwall, a 88,000 m2 (947,000 sq ft) large, metal clad office complex designed by Otto Steidle. In 2005, Gruner + Jahr exited the U.S. magazine business, selling its women's magazine portfolio to the Meredith Corporation and its business magazine portfolio to Mansueto Ventures. In 2005-2006, Gruner + Jahr participated in the Du bist Deutschland marketing campaign.


Gruner + Jahr publishes approximately 285 magazines and newspapers in 22 countries, including Poland, Spain, Russia, France and the People's Republic of China. As of 2007, Gruner + Jahr publications include:


Bernd Kundrun is Chairman of the Board, and also a member of the executive committee of Bertelsmann. Gruner + Jahr has more than 12,500 employees and had gross profits for 2005 of 2.62 billion euro, of which 57% were from outside Germany.


In addition to direct publishing, Gruner + Jahr own interests in a number of other publishers and printers. They own 60% of Sächsische Zeitung, 25.5% of Spiegel Publishing and 95% of Henri-Nannen-Schule, a journalism school in Germany.

The Computer Channel computer related website operated as a subsidiary from 1999 to 2002, when it was closed due to diminishing revenue from online advertisement.[1]

On 22 November 2011, it was announced that Gruner + Jahr AG & Co. KG transferred its entire 37.45-percent stake in the Prinovis Ltd. & Co. KG gravure joint venture to Arvato, another Bertelsmann division.[2]

Gruner + Jahr owns several publishers and printers outright (100%), including the french publishing house Prisma Media.

Gruner + Jahr established operations in India in 2008.[3] On 1 July 2011, Gruner + Jahr acquired a 78.75 percent interest in one of the leading publishing houses in India, MaXposure Media Group India Pvt Ltd.[4][5][6] This was followed by acquisition of digital ad network Networkplay March 2012[7] and acquisition of mobile ad-network SeventyNine.[8] In May 2014, Gruner + Jahr acquired a 50 percent interest in one of the leading Word-of-Mouth Marketing company in Europe trnd, to complete its adverting sales in press.[9]

Henri Nannen Prizes

Gruner + Jahr annually awards the Henri Nannen Prizes, in five news categories: best reportage, best investigative report, best documentary, best humor piece, and best photojournalism article. The prizes are awarded in May for the previous year. The Egon Erwin Kisch Prize, which was started in 1977 by Henri Nannen, was incorporated in the documentary category in 2005.


  • Reportage: Stefan Willeke of "Die Zeit" for "Herr Mo holt die Fabrik" the 16 months of disassembling a coking plant in Dortmund and moving it to China[10]
  • Investigative: Freddie Röckenhaus of Süddeutsche Zeitung and Thomas Hennecke of Kicker for their investigation of financial scandal at "Borussia Dortmund"[10]
  • Documentary: The reporting team of Uwe Buse, Ullrich Fichtner, Mario Kaiser, Uwe Klussmann, Walter Mayr and Christian Neef from Der Spiegel for "Putin's Ground Zero" on the Beslan school hostage crisis[10]
  • Humor: not awarded to an individual[10]
  • Photography: Yang Yankang for his photoessay on Chinese Christians in Geo[10]
  • Lifetime: Peter Scholl-Latour[10][11]
  • Freedom of the Press: Irina Chalip of the Belarus publication Belorusskaja Delowaja Gaseta[10][11]


  • Reportage: Bartholomäus Grill of Die Zeit[12]
  • Investigative: Kayhan Özgenç of Focus for exposing the Volkswagen scandal in his piece "Die VW-Affäre"[12][13]
  • Documentary: Henning Sussebach and Stefan Willeke of Der Zeit for their report "Operation Lohndrücken"[12]
  • Humor: Kurt Kister for his column "Unsere Besten" in Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin[12]
  • Photography: Jim Gehrz of the Minneapolis Star Tribune for his photoessay on Jessica Clements entitled "Against All Odds"[12]
  • Lifetime: Joachim Fest[12]
  • Freedom of the Press: Hrant Dink, editor-in-chief of the weekly Armenian paper Agos[12][13]
  • Editorial: Jim Amoss, editor-in-chief of the US newspaper The Times-Picayune[12]


  • Reportage: Klaus Brinkbäumer of Der Spiegel
  • Investigative: Klaus Ott, Markus Balser and Hans Leyendecker of the Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Documentary: Alexander Smoltczyk of Der Spiegel
  • Humor: Hans Zippert of Die Welt[14]
  • Photography: Alessandro Scotti of Geo[14]
  • Lifetime: Robert Lebeck, photographer
  • Freedom of the Press: Dmitri Muratow and the editorial staff at Novaya Gazeta, the independent Russian newspaper


  • Reportage: Sabine Rückert for "Wie das Böse nach Tessin kam" ("How evil came to Tessin, Germany") in Die Zeit


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