Groupie Girl

Groupie Girl is a 1970 British drama film about the rock music scene, directed by Derek Ford and starring Esme Johns, Donald Sumpter and the band Opal Butterfly. The film was written by Ford and former groupie Suzanne Mercer.

Groupie Girl
American release poster
Directed byDerek Ford
Produced byStanley Long
Written byDerek Ford
Stanley Long
StarringEsme Johns
Donald Sumpter
Opal Butterfly
English Rose
Mary Collinson
Madeleine Collinson
Music byOpal Butterfly
English Rose
CinematographyStanley Long
Edited byTony Hawk
Release date
  • June 1970 (1970-06)
Running time
87 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Box office£50,000 (US only)[1]

Ford later complained to Cinema X magazine "we were shooting in a discotheque one Saturday night and my ears rang right through to Monday morning. I was sick -physically sick- on Sunday from the noise level we suffered".

The film was released in America in December 1970 by American International Pictures as I am a Groupie and in France in 1973- with additional sex scenes- as Les demi-sels de la perversion (The Pimps of Perversion). The film was later re-released in France in 1974 as Les affamées du mâle (Man-Hungry Women) this time with hardcore inserts credited to ‘Derek Fred’.

Groupie Girl was released on UK DVD in January 2007 on the Slam Dunk Media Label as part of the ‘Saucy Seventies’ series (the earlier US DVD release on the Jeff films label is an unauthorized bootleg.)


Soundtrack listing

(Original album)

Side 1
  1. "You’re A Groupie Girl" (Opal Butterfly)
  2. "To Jackie" (English Rose)
  3. "Four Wheel Drive" (The Salon Band)
  4. "Got A Lot Of Life" (Virgin Stigma)
  5. "I Wonder Did You" (Billy Boyle)
  6. "Gigging Song" (Opal Butterfly)
  7. "Disco 2" (The Salon Band)
  8. "Now You're Gone, I’m A Man" (Virgin Stigma)
Side 2
  1. "Yesterday's Hero" (English Rose)
  2. "Love Me, Give A Little" (Virgin Stigma)
  3. "Looking For Love" (Billy Boyle)
  4. "Sweet Motion" (The Salon Band)
  5. "Love’s a Word Away" (English Rose)
  6. "True Blue" (The Salon Band)
  7. "Groupie Girl, It Doesn’t Matter What You Do" (Virgin Stigma)
  • English Rose were Lynton Guest, Jimmy Edwards and Paul Wolloff, who also have minor roles in the film. Guest later became a sports journalist and recently authored the book "The Trials of Michael Jackson".


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