Groulx is a provincial electoral district in the Laurentides region of Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. The district includes part of Blainville, as well as a few other small cities.

Quebec electoral district
Provincial electoral district
LegislatureNational Assembly of Quebec
Eric Girard
Coalition Avenir Québec
District created1980
First contested1981
Last contested2018
Population (2011)74,165
Electors (2012)[1]56,154
Area (km²)[2]53.9
Pop. density (per km²)1,376
Census divisionsThérèse-De Blainville (part)
Census subdivisionsBlainville (part), Boisbriand, Rosemère, Sainte-Thérèse

It was created for the 1981 election from a part of the Terrebonne electoral district.

In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, it gained a small part of the city of Blainville from the Blainville electoral district; it did not previously include any part of that city.

In the change from the 2011 to 2017 electoral map, the riding will lose the Saint-Rédempteur neighbourhood of Blainville to the riding of Blainville.

From its creation in 1981 until 2007, Groulx was a bellwether riding always sending a member from the governing party to the National Assembly. Since the ADQ breakthrough in the suburbs of Montreal in 2007, the riding has been targeted by all major parties and is part of a collection of ridings that determine Quebec elections. The riding is overwhelmingly francophone and white, and has a strong nationalist undercurrent, making it a battleground riding between the Parti Quebecois, ADQ/CAQ, and the Quebec Liberals.

In 2014, the PQ nominated Martine Desjardins, former leader of the FEUQ during the 2012 student strike. She was seen as a star candidate. While the PQ began the campaign with a strong lead among francophones and heavily targeted CAQ-held ridings such as Groulx, the fall of the PQ and rise of the CAQ during the last two weeks of the campaign kept this riding in the hands of the CAQ, albeit in a tight 3-way split with no candidate receiving more than 31% of the vote.

Members of the National Assembly

Legislature Years Member Party
Riding created from Terrebonne
32nd  1981–1985     Élie Fallu Parti Québécois
33rd  1985–1989     Madeleine Bleau Liberal
34th  1989–1994
35th  1994–1998     Robert Kieffer Parti Québécois
36th  1998–2003
37th  2003–2007     Pierre Descoteaux Liberal
38th  2007–2008     Linda Lapointe Action démocratique
39th  2008–2011     René Gauvreau Parti Québécois
 2011–2012     Independent
 2012–2012     Parti Québécois
40th  2012–2014     Hélène Daneault Coalition Avenir Québec
41st  2014–2017 Claude Surprenant
 2017–2018     Independent
42nd  2018–Present     Eric Girard Coalition Avenir Québec

Election results

2018 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Coalition Avenir QuébecEric Girard14,77140.61+9.76
LiberalSabrina Chartrand7,36920.26-9.98
Québec solidaireFabien Torres6,26817.23+10.44
Parti QuébécoisJean-Philippe Meloche5,74515.80-14.20
IndependentClaude Surprenant8122.23
GreenRobin Dick8022.21
Parti Conservateur du QuébecVincent Aubé3681.01
Citoyens au pouvoirChantal Lavoie2350.65
Total valid votes 36,37098.37
Total rejected ballots 6041.63+0.12
Turnout 36,97470.25-3.23
Electors on the lists 52,633
Coalition Avenir Québec hold Swing +9.76
2014 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Coalition Avenir QuébecClaude Surprenant12,77630.85-7.17
LiberalVicki Emard12,52030.24+10.27
Parti QuébécoisMartine Desjardins12,42430.00-4.00
Québec solidaireSylvie Giguère2,8106.79+2.49
Parti nulJonathan Davis4931.19
Option nationaleAlain Marginean3840.93-1.11
Total valid votes 41,40798.49
Total rejected ballots 6351.51+0.36
Turnout 42,04273.48-5.60
Electors on the lists 57,216
Coalition Avenir Québec hold Swing -8.72
2012 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Coalition Avenir QuébecHélène Daneault16,71138.02+17.57
Parti QuébécoisRaymond Archambault14,94834.01-4.05
LiberalLinda Lapointe8,77619.97-15.70
Québec solidaireSylvie Giguère1,8924.30+1.92
Option nationaleAlain Marginean8952.04
GreenAlec Ware5911.34-1.80
IndependentAlex Munteanu1400.32
Total valid votes 43,95398.85
Total rejected ballots 5111.15
Turnout 44,46479.08 
Electors on the lists 56,228
Coalition Avenir Québec gain from Parti Québécois Swing +10.81

^ Change is from redistributed results. CAQ change is from ADQ.

2008 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisRené Gauvreau11,22637.62+8.73
LiberalMonique Laurin10,82336.27+9.07
Action démocratiqueLinda Lapointe6,03620.23-17.22
GreenCarmen Brisebois9553.20-0.93
Québec solidaireAdam Veilleux7012.35+0.01
Parti indépendantisteSébastien Hotte1020.34
Total valid votes 29,84398.41
Total rejected ballots 4811.59
Turnout 30,32461.33-14.02
Electors on the lists 49,441
2007 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Action démocratiqueLinda Lapointe13,63037.45+18.07
Parti QuébécoisRachel Gagnon10,51328.89-9.78
LiberalPierre Descoteaux9,89827.20-12.34
GreenRobert Harenclak1,5034.13
Québec solidaireAdam Veilleux8502.34+1.09*
Total valid votes 36,39499.15
Total rejected ballots 3110.85
Turnout 36,70575.35+1.83
Electors on the lists 48,715

* Result compared to UFP


Election results

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