Grivel (company)

Grivel Srl is a company that produces tools and equipment for alpinism, climbing and outdoor activities. It exports to 26 countries. All the personal safety products, ice axes, crampons, pitons, helmets are produced in Italy. The company has been certified GS TUF since 1992, ISO 9001 since 1996, ISO 1400 since 2004. [1]

Grivel Mont Blanc S.r.l
HeadquartersItaly, Courmayeur
Key people
Gioachino Gobbi, President
ProductsClimbing Equipment
Climbing Gear
€ 5 million
Number of employees
25 (2008)


  • Founded in 1818 in Courmayeur, it is the oldest manufacturer of tools for alpinism in existence. Grivel is the surname of the original founders who succeeded each other for generations.
  • The company was sold in 1982 to a group of enthusiasts headed by Giochino Gobbi.
  • Today the company has offices in Courmayeur and Verrayes in the Aosta Valley, in Vivaro in Friuli and Chamonix in France.[2]

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