Grindsted, with a population of 9,754 (1st January 2019),[2] is the municipal seat and largest town of Billund Municipality, Denmark and belongs to the Region of Southern Denmark. It is located 42 km west of the major regional city of Vejle and 49 km northeast of the major harbour city Esbjerg. The postal code is 7200.

Municipal seat
Coordinates: 55.75819°N 8.92617°E / 55.75819; 8.92617
Founded14th century
  MayorIb Kristensen (Venstre)
  Municipality536.51 km2 (207.15 sq mi)
Postal code

One of the main industries today is the DuPont factory which traces its roots back to the original chemical factory named Grindstedværket (Grindsted Products) founded by the Lundsgaard brothers. Through acquisitions by De Danske Spritfabrikker it became part of the Danisco corporation, but Danisco was acquired by DuPont in 2011,[3] however the factory only switched name on 14 May 2012. Products from Grindsted are still marketed under the Danisco logo and name.[4]

Notable people


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