Grimms (album)

Grimms combines pop music and poetry, recorded at St. George's Hall, Liverpool, and the Central Polytechnic, London, England.

Live album by
RecordedLiverpool & London
LabelIsland HELP 11
ProducerRoger McGough, Neil Innes
Grimms chronology
Rockin' Duck

Track listing

Side One

  1. "Interruption at the Opera House (Part 1)" (Brian Patten) / "Small Bird Theme" (Zoot Money)
  2. "Three Times Corner" (Zoot Money)
  3. "Sex Maniac" (John Gorman, Roger McGough)
  4. "Galactic Love Poem" (Adrian Henri)
  5. "Chairman Shankly" (Adrian Henri)
  6. "Italian Job" (John Gorman, Michael McGear)
  7. "Albatross Ramble" (Brian Patten)
  8. "Humanoid Boogie" (Neil Innes) (omitted from CD reissue)

Side Two

  1. "Short Blues" (Neil Innes)
  2. "Summer with the Monarch" (John Gorman, Michael McGear, Roger McGough)
  3. "Twyfords Vitromant" (Neil Innes)
  4. "Following You" (Zoot Money)
  5. "Newly Pressed Suit" (Roger McGough) (omitted from CD reissue)
  6. "11th Hour" (Roger McGough)
  7. "Con Gov Fig" (Roger McGough)
  8. "Brown Paper Carrier Bag" (Roger McGough, Neil Innes)
  9. "Interruption at the Opera House (Part 2)" (Brian Patten) / "Small Bird Theme" (Zoot Money)


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