Griffon Aerospace MQM-170 Outlaw

The Griffon Aerospace MQM-170 Outlaw is an aerial target system (UAV). It can serve as a target drone, surrogate training platform, or in a surrogate aerial reconnaissance and forward observation role. The aircraft has been in use since 2004.[1]

MQM-170 Outlaw
Role aerial target
Manufacturer Griffon Aerospace
Designer Larry A. French
First flight 2003
Introduction July 2004
Primary users United States Army
United States Navy
United States Marine Corps
United States Air Force
Produced 2004 – present
Number built over 2,200
Unit cost
~ under $10K

The system consists of an air vehicle and a ground control station (GCS), including an optional satellite link communication suite. The Outlaw may be launched pneumatically or by runway takeoff, when equipped with landing gear.[2]


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