A greensman or greensperson or greenskeeper is any production personnel on a film set who is responsible for obtaining and taking care of anything "green" or natural used in the film production. This may include plants, grass, trees, flowers, and other various landscaping materials like rocks, gravel, sand, etc. She or he is considered part of the art department. This includes artificial forms of these materials such as simulated rocks and items representing greens, such as camouflage netting.

The greensperson functions as a participant in the filmmaking process as an extension of the art department during set construction and in conjunction with the camera department during filming. Greens work is generally considered to be one of the dirtiest, most thankless, and physically demanding job in set construction. In addition to set construction, greenspeople often work "on set" assisting the camera team and other departments in adjusting the set to the changing demands of different camera positions and lighting setups, as requested by the creative leaders. The range of duties in this category ranges from tending to plant nursery operations (watering, fertilizing, transplanting grass, flowers, bushes, etc.) through to the artful crafting of vines, trees, flowers and the like using cut living material and/or various simulated materials.


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