Greece–Turkey football rivalry

The Greece–Turkey football rivalry is one of Europe's major rivalries between two national teams, Greece and Turkey.

Greece–Turkey football rivalry
Teams Greece
First meetingGreece 1–3 Turkey
(23 April 1948)
Latest meetingTurkey 2–1 Greece
(30 May 2019)
Next meetingTBD
Meetings total14
Most wins Turkey (8)
Largest victory Greece 1–4 Turkey
UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying
(24 March 2007)


Greece and Turkey have a long standing tensions throughout history.

The Ottoman Empire conquered Greece at 1453, and throughout its history, Greeks were treated unequal by Turkish Ottoman Government. It had led to the Greek War of Independence at 1821, overthrowing the Ottoman rule and became the first Balkan and European nation to set free themselves from the Turks.[1][2] By that time, the Greek identity was soon strengthened and a number of conflicts occurred between Turkey and Greece existed from 1830s onward.

In 1919, with the collapse of the Ottoman state, Greece attempted to conquered Western Turkey in their accordance to the Megali Idea, which both the Greeks and Turks caused atrocities on each other territories. Greece ended up defeated by the Turks and were expelled back to Greece;[3] however efforts from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Eleftherios Venizelos helped establish the official relations between Greece and Turkey.[4] The grievance however, returned with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, as Turkey divided Northern Cyprus, a majority Turkish-populated region, from majority Greek-populated Cyprus.[5]

Due to historical grievances, Greece and Turkey have a heated rivalry, though less violence than Greece or Turkey's other rivalries. Both teams are also described as "punching above their weights", due to its successes despite lack of competitive history in football.

List of matches

Number Date Location Competition Game Results Home scorers Away scorers
123 April 1948 AthensFriendlyGreece – Turkey1–3Kleanthis Vikelidis  -'Fikret Kırcan  9'
Lefter Küçükandonyadis  20'
Şükrü Gülesin  74'
227 November 1948 IstanbulTurkey – Greece2–1Reha Eken  3', 19'Haralambos Filaktos  -'
316 May 1949 AthensMediterranean CupGreece – Turkey1–2Nilton Markopoulos  -'Gündüz Kılıç  33'
Bülent Esel  44'
429 February 1952Greece – Turkey3–1Georgios Darivas  -', -', -'Şevket Yorulmaz  -'
516 May 1952 IstanbulTurkey – Greece0–1Ilias Papageorgiou  -'
624 September 1987 LatakiaMediterranean GamesTurkey – Greece1–0 (a.e.t.)Orhan Görsen  94'
721 September 1988 IstanbulFriendlyTurkey – Greece3–1Tanju Çolak  9' (pen.)
Oğuz Çetin  41'
Rıdvan Dilmen  68'
Nikos Anastopoulos  39'
829 March 1989 AthensFriendlyGreece – Turkey0–1Rıdvan Dilmen  38'
98 September 2004 Piraeus2006 FIFA World Cup qualificationGreece – Turkey0–0
104 June 2005 IstanbulTurkey – Greece0–0
1124 March 2007 AthensUEFA Euro 2008 qualifyingGreece – Turkey1–4Sotiris Kyrgiakos  5'Tuncay  27'
Gökhan Ünal  55'
Tümer Metin  70'
Gökdeniz Karadeniz  81'
1217 October 2007 IstanbulTurkey – Greece0–1Ioannis Amanatidis  79'
1317 November 2015FriendlyTurkey – Greece0–0
1430 May 2019 AntalyaTurkey – Greece2–1Cengiz Ünder  11'
Kenan Karaman  17'
Dimitris Kourbelis  90+3'

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