Grecian (1824 ship)

Grecian was a sailing ship built in England in 1824. She was wrecked on Nine Mile Beach, New South Wales during a gale on 30 April 1864.[1][2][3] Captain Grant lost his life.

Name: Grecian
Namesake: Grecian
Owner: J. & W. Young & J. Grant, Hobart
Launched: 1824
Identification: Hobart Registration No: 9/1859
IMO number: 32038
Fate: Wrecked in 1864
General characteristics
Class and type: Brig
Tonnage: 209 gross tons
Length: 91 feet (28 m)
Beam: 27.85 feet (8.49 m)
Depth: 6.1 feet (1.9 m)


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