Great Raid of 1322

The Great Raid of 1322 was a major raid on Northern England, carried out by Robert the Bruce during the First Scottish War of Independence between 30 September and 2 November 1322, resulting in the Battle of Old Byland. The raid began by attacking the area around Carlisle then crossed into Yorkshire and penetrated ultimately as far as the East Riding, resulting in property being burned and destroyed, valuables from the wealthy and abbeys being stolen, and some residents and livestock being captured and taken back to Scotland.[1] Other Scottish raids around the same time marched down from Carlisle and into Lancashire, reaching as far south as Chorley.[2]

The Great Raid of 1322
Part of First Scottish War of Independence
Date30 September 2 November 1322
Result Scottish Victory
Kingdom of Scotland Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
Robert the Bruce Edward II


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