Great Man (film)

Great Man (French: Un grand patron) is a 1951 French drama film directed by Yves Ciampi and starring Pierre Fresnay, Renée Devillers and Jean-Claude Pascal.[1]

Great Man
Directed byYves Ciampi
Produced byAndré Paulvé
Written byYves Ciampi
Pierre Véry
StarringPierre Fresnay
Renée Devillers
Jean-Claude Pascal
Music byJoseph Kosma
CinematographyMarcel Grignon
Edited byRoger Dwyre
Release date
28 November 1951
Running time
95 minutes

The film's art direction was by René Moulaert.


  • Pierre Fresnay as Le professeur Louis Delage
  • Renée Devillers as Florence Delage
  • Jean-Claude Pascal as L'interne Marcillac
  • Claire Duhamel as Catherine Delage
  • Michel Vadet as Le docteur Larmy
  • Robert Moor as Le professeur Peccavi
  • Claude Nicot as Barby
  • Philippe Mareuil as Georges
  • Ky Duyen as Chang - le majordome
  • Maurice Ronet as François
  • Émile Genevois as L'ami de Gaston
  • Raymond Galle as Un médecin
  • Bernard Hubrenne as Un élève
  • Catherine Romane as Paulette
  • Georgette Talazac as L'infirmière
  • Georgette Anys as Madame Berval
  • Claire Muriel as Une malade
  • Christian Fourcade as Emile
  • Serge Lecointe as Le petit Albert
  • Elisa Lamotte as La dame d'Orléans
  • Nadine Alari as Yvette
  • Madeleine Barbulée as Marie-Laure
  • Marguerite Garcya as Madame Martin
  • Tania Soucault as Jacky
  • Judith Magre
  • Perrette Darbon
  • Christiane Barry as Jacqueline
  • Pierre Destailles as Gaston Berval
  • Roland Alexandre as Jacques Brulanges
  • Marcel André as Le docteur Charles Tannard
  • Nadine Bellaigue
  • Anne Béranger
  • Henri Doublier
  • Maguy Horiot
  • Frédérique Hébrard
  • Julien Maffre as Un malade
  • Dominique Marcas
  • Jacques Monod as Le gendarme
  • Bernard Musson as Un assistant du docteur Delage
  • Alain Raffael as Petit rôle
  • Joëlle Robin
  • Jean Thielment


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