Granite Curling Club (Winnipeg)

The Granite Curling Club, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the oldest curling club in Western Canada. Affectionally known to curling fans as the "Mother Club", it has produced many Canadian and world champions. The original Granite Curling Club dates back to 1880. Its current downtown location and Tudor-framed clubhouse was built in 1913, the building is a Winnipeg Heritage Building.[1][2] It is often considered to be the "St. Andrews" of curling because of its contribution to the sport in curling's most dominant region.

Granite Curling Club
Exterior of Granite Curling Club, Winnipeg
Interior ice-level of Granite Curling Club, Winnipeg
LocationOne Granite Way
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0Y9

49.8825°N 97.1505°W / 49.8825; -97.1505
Established1880 (first building)
1913 (current building)

One of the early presidents was John B. Mather. He assumed that position in 1887.

Provincial Champions

Year Name Brier Championships World Championships
2003 John Bubbs
1998 Dale Duguid
1997 Vic Peters Runner-Up
1993 Vic Peters
1992 Vic Peters Champions Bronze
1975 Rod Hunter
1973 Danny Fink
1971 Don Duguid Champions Gold
1970 Don Duguid Champions Gold
1965 Terry Braunstein Champions Silver
1958 Terry Braunstein
1957 Howard Wood, Jr.
1948 George Sangster
1945 Howard Wood, Sr.
1940 Howard Wood, Sr. Champions
1932 Jim Congalton Champions
1930 Howard Wood, Sr. Champions
1927 Gordon Hudson
1925 Howard Wood, Sr.

Notable members


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