Grand Slam of Curling

The Grand Slam of Curling (currently known as the Pinty's Grand Slam of Curling) is a series of curling bonspiels that are a part of the annual World Curling Tour. Grand Slam events offer a purse of at least CAD$100,000, and feature the best teams from across Canada and around the World. The Grand Slam was instituted during the 2001–02 season for men and 2006–07 for women, but some of the Grand Slam events have longer histories as bonspiels.

Grand Slam of Curling
Established2001–02 (Men's)
2006–07 (Women's)
2018–19 Bonus Cup Kevin Koe (Men's)
Rachel Homan (Women's)
Grand Slam of Curling events
Masters Canadian Open National Players' Championship
  Tour Challenge Champions Cup

The Grand Slam season consists of six men's and women's events. The original four events (Masters, Canadian Open, National, and Players' Championship) are considered to be "majors".[1] The other two slams (Tour Challenge and Champions Cup) have unique formats that set them apart from other events on the World Curling Tour.


In 2001, many curlers were upset with the Canadian Curling Association (CCA). Their complaints included the long curling season, not getting any prize money at the Brier, the national men's curling championship, which generated millions for the CCA, and the inability to have sponsors at the Brier.[2] Eighteen of the top twenty curling teams, known as the "Original 18", agreed to boycott the Brier from 2001 to 2003 and created the Grand Slam of Curling.[3] The original 18 skips were Dave Boehmer, Kerry Burtnyk, Pierre Charette, Glen Despins, Dale Duguid, Bert Gretzinger, Glenn Howard, Bruce Korte, Allan Lyburn, William Lyburn, Kevin Martin, Greg McAulay, Wayne Middaugh, Kevin Park, Brent Pierce, Vic Peters, Peter Steski and Jeff Stoughton.[4]

The Grand Slam of Curling began in the 2001–02 curling season with four events: the Canadian Open, Masters, National, and Players' Championship, the four "majors".[5]

In the 2006–07 curling season, a women's side was added the Players' Championship, and several existing women's events were designated as Grand Slams, but were not operated by the Grand Slam of Curling.[6] Grand Slam games also got reduced to eight ends that season.

In 2012, Sportsnet purchased the Grand Slam of Curling. As such, television rights to the series have also defaulted to Sportsnet, though certain events may still air championship rounds on CBC.[7][8][9]

Under this new ownership, the separate women's Grand Slams were phased out, with women's divisions added to existing men's Grand Slams. New Grand Slam events were also added: the Elite 10 in the 2014–15 curling season and the Tour Challenge and Champions Cup in the 2015–16 curling season. A women's division was added to the Elite 10 in the 2018–19 curling season, achieving for the first time equal number of events, prize money, and television time for men and women.[6] The Elite 10 was dropped the next season, bringing the number of events to six.

Current Grand Slams


The Masters was introduced as a men's event 2002, and was added to the women's side in 2012.

YearMen's winning skipWomen's winning skipLocation
2002 Bruce KorteGander, Newfoundland and Labrador
2003 (Jan) Kevin MartinSudbury, Ontario
2003 (Dec) Wayne MiddaughSudbury, Ontario
2004 Jeff StoughtonHumboldt, Saskatchewan
2006 (Feb) Randy FerbeySt. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
2006 (Dec) Glenn HowardWaterloo, Ontario
2008 (Jan.) Glenn HowardSaskatoon, Saskatchewan
2008 (Nov.) Glenn HowardWaterloo, Ontario
2009 Glenn HowardMississauga, Ontario
2010 Mike McEwenWindsor, Ontario
2011 Glenn HowardSault Ste. Marie, Ontario
2012 Kevin Koe Rachel HomanBrantford, Ontario
2013 Glenn Howard Rachel HomanAbbotsford, British Columbia
2014 Brad Gushue Valerie SweetingSelkirk, Manitoba
2015 Mike McEwen Rachel HomanTruro, Nova Scotia
2016 Niklas Edin Allison FlaxeyOkotoks, Alberta
2017 Brad Gushue Jennifer JonesLlyodminster, Saskatchewan
2018 John Epping Anna HasselborgTruro, Nova Scotia
2019 Matt Dunstone Tracy FleuryNorth Bay, Ontario
2020Sarnia, Ontario[10]

Tour Challenge

The GSOC Tour Challenge was introduced as a men's and women's event in the 2015–16 curling season. The Tour Challenge has two tiers, with the bottom tier including regional invitations. The Tier 2 winning team qualifies for a subsequent grand slam.


The winning skip for Tier 1 is listed above the Tier 2 winning skip.

YearMen's winning skipWomen's winning skipLocation
2015 Kevin Koe Silvana Tirinzoni Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador
Jim Cotter Kerri Einarson
2016 Niklas Edin Valerie Sweeting Cranbrook, British Columbia
Greg Balsdon Jacqueline Harrison
2017 Brad Gushue Valerie Sweeting Regina, Saskatchewan
Jason Gunnlaugson Kerri Einarson
2018 Brad Jacobs Rachel Homan Thunder Bay, Ontario
Kirk Muyres Elena Stern
2019 Brad Jacobs Anna Hasselborg Westville Road, Nova Scotia
Korey Dropkin Kim Min-ji


The National was introduced as a men's event in 2002, and was added to the women's side in 2015.

YearMen's winning skipWomen's winning skipLocation
2002 Glenn HowardSault Ste. Marie, Ontario
2003 Pierre CharetteHumboldt, Saskatchewan
2004 Glenn HowardPrince Albert, Saskatchewan
2004 (Nov.)1 Kevin MartinHamilton, Ontario
2005 Wayne MiddaughPort Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
2007 (Mar.) Kevin MartinPort Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
2007 (Dec.) Kevin MartinPort Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
2008 Wayne MiddaughQuebec City, Quebec
2010 (Jan.) Brad GushueGuelph, Ontario
2010 (Dec.) Kevin MartinVernon, British Columbia
2012 Glenn HowardDawson Creek, British Columbia
2013 Jeff StoughtonPort Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
2014 (Mar.) Glenn HowardFort McMurray, Alberta
2014 (Nov.) Mike McEwenSault Ste. Marie, Ontario
2015 Brad Gushue Rachel HomanOshawa, Ontario
2016 Brad Jacobs Kerri EinarsonSault Ste. Marie, Ontario
2017 Bruce Mouat Jennifer JonesSault Ste. Marie, Ontario
2018 Ross Paterson Rachel HomanConception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador
2019 Brad Jacobs Anna HasselborgConception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador

1 There was no National in the 2004-2005 season, but the BDO Curling Classic was held. It returned to its original name in the 2005-2006 season. The words "BDO Classic" were added to the name of the Canadian Open.

Canadian Open

The Canadian Open was introduced as a men's event in 2001, and was added to the women's side in 2014. The Canadian Open is the only Grand Slam that uses a triple knockout format.

YearMen's winning skipWomen's winning skipLocation
2001 Wayne MiddaughWainwright, Alberta
2002 Kevin MartinThunder Bay, Ontario
2003 Glen DespinsBrandon, Manitoba
2005 Kevin MartinWinnipeg, Manitoba
2006 Jeff StoughtonWinnipeg, Manitoba
2007 (Jan.) Kevin MartinWinnipeg, Manitoba
2007 (Dec.) Kevin MartinQuebec City, Quebec
2009 Glenn HowardWinnipeg, Manitoba
2010 Kevin MartinWinnipeg, Manitoba
2011 (Jan.) Mike McEwenOshawa, Ontario
2011 (Dec.) Mike McEwenKingston, Ontario
2012 Glenn HowardKelowna, British Columbia
2013 Kevin KoeMedicine Hat, Alberta
2014 Brad Gushue Eve MuirheadYorkton, Saskatchewan
2015 John Epping Rachel HomanYorkton, Saskatchewan
2017 Brad Gushue Casey ScheideggerNorth Battleford, Saskatchewan
2018 Peter de Cruz Chelsea CareyCamrose, Alberta
2019 Brendan Bottcher Rachel HomanNorth Battleford, Saskatchewan
2020Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Players' Championship

The Players' Championship, the oldest tournament on the men's Grand Slam of Curling, was introduced as a men's event in 1993, and added to the women's side in 2006.

YearMen's winning skipWomen's winning skipLocation
1993 Russ HowardCalgary, Alberta
1994 Kevin MartinCalgary, Alberta
1995 (Apr.) Murray McEachernSelkirk, Manitoba
1995 (Dec.) Wayne MiddaughJasper, Alberta
1997 Russ HowardWinnipeg, Manitoba
1998 Kevin MartinFort McMurray, Alberta
1999 Wayne MiddaughWinnipeg, Manitoba
2000 Kevin MartinWinnipeg, Manitoba
2001 Wayne MiddaughCalgary, Alberta
2002 Wayne MiddaughStrathroy, Ontario
2003 Jeff StoughtonLeduc, Alberta
2004 John MorrisSt. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
2005 Kevin MartinSt. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
2006 Randy Ferbey Jennifer JonesCalgary, Alberta
2007 Kevin Martin Jennifer JonesCalgary, Alberta
2008 Glenn Howard Amber HollandSt. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
2009 Randy Ferbey Jennifer JonesGrande Prairie, Alberta
2010 Kevin Martin Cheryl BernardDawson Creek, British Columbia
2011 Kevin Martin Jennifer JonesGrande Prairie, Alberta
2012 John Epping Stefanie LawtonSummerside, Prince Edward Island
2013 Glenn Howard Eve MuirheadToronto, Ontario
2014 Kevin Martin Jennifer JonesSummerside, Prince Edward Island
2015 Brad Jacobs Eve MuirheadToronto, Ontario
2016 Brad Gushue Eve MuirheadToronto, Ontario
2017 Niklas Edin Jennifer JonesToronto, Ontario
2018 Kevin Koe Jamie SinclairToronto, Ontario
2019 Brendan Bottcher Kerri EinarsonToronto, Ontario
2020  Toronto, Ontario

Champions Cup

The Champions Cup was introduced as a men's and women's event in the 2015–16 curling season. The Champions Cup is contested by champions of various Grand Slam, Season of Champions, World Curling Tour, and other events throughout the season.

YearMen's winning skipWomen's winning skipLocation
2016 Reid Carruthers Jennifer JonesSherwood Park, Alberta
2017 Brad Jacobs Rachel HomanCalgary, Alberta
2018 Brad Gushue Rachel HomanCalgary, Alberta
2019 Brendan Bottcher Silvana TirinzoniSaskatoon, Saskatchewan
2020  Olds, Alberta

Statistics: Grand Slams won

This is a list of Grand Slam events won per player, including Players' Championships won prior to the creation of the Grand Slam.



Key of colours
Colour Explanation
Player currently active on the WCT

As of the 2019 National

Kevin Martin014508018
Glenn Howard064204016
Brent Laing173203016
Wayne Middaugh034206015
Marc Kennedy203306014
Craig Savill072202013
Mark Nichols123221112
Ben Hebert103305012
Brad Gushue122221111
John Morris003314011
Brett Gallant121221110
Geoff Walker121221110
Scott Bailey01210509
Richard Hart04210108
Carter Rycroft02130208
Mike McEwen02122007
B. J. Neufeld02122007
Denni Neufeld02122007
Don Walchuk01120307
Don Bartlett01120307
Matt Wozniak02122007
Brad Jacobs20200116
E. J. Harnden20200116
Ryan Harnden20200116
Graeme McCarrel01010406
Kevin Koe11010205
Ryan Fry10200115
Jon Mead01210105
Ian Tetley00010405
John Epping01110104
Marcel Rocque01000304
Jeff Stoughton01110104
David Nedohin01000304
Brendan Bottcher00010113
Darren Moulding00010113
Bradley Thiessen00010113
Karrick Martin00010113
Niklas Edin11000103
Oskar Eriksson11000103
Rasmus Wranå11000103
Christoffer Sundgren11000103
Randy Ferbey01000203
Scott Pfeifer01000203
Gary Van Den Berghe01010103
Reid Carruthers00100012
Braeden Moskowy01000012
Mathew Camm01010002
Russ Howard00000202
Peter Corner00100102
Collin Mitchell00200002
Jason Mitchell00200002
Phil Loevenmark00100102
Steve Gould01010002
Nolan Thiessen01010002
Pat Simmons01010002


Key of colours
Colour Explanation
Player currently active on the WCT

As of the 2019 National; Minimum 2 wins

PlayerAG*ML&L*CS*Elite 10Mast.TCNat'l.COPCCCSobey's*WT*Total
Jennifer Jones31101010511115
Dawn McEwen31101010511115
Jill Officer31101010511115
Rachel Homan00003122020010
Emma Miskew00003122020010
Lisa Weagle00003122020010
Kaitlyn Lawes11101010311010
Cathy Overton-Clapham3000100130019
Joanne Courtney0000112201007
Eve Muirhead1010000130006
Vicki Chalmers1010000130006
Anna Sloan1010000120005
Anna Hasselborg0001111000004
Sara McManus0001111000004
Agnes Knochenhauer0001111000004
Sofia Mabergs0001111000004
Val Sweeting0000120010004
Stefanie Lawton0110000010014
Sherry Anderson0210000010004
Sherri Singler0110000010014
Marliese Kasner0110000010014
Sarah Reid0010000120004
Rachelle Brown0000120000003
Dana Ferguson0000120000003
Kelly Scott1100000000013
Jeanna Schraeder1100000000013
Sasha Carter1100000000013
Chelsey Matson1100000000013
Selena Njegovan0000101000002
Liz Fyfe0000101000002
Kristin MacCuish0000101000002
Silvana Tirinzoni0000010001002
Esther Neuenschwander0000010001002
Chelsea Carey0100000100002
Kerri Einarson0000001010002
Lori Olson-Johns0000020000002
Alison Kreviazuk0000200000002
Shannon Kleibrink1100000000002
Sherry Middaugh1000000000102
Amy Nixon1100000000002
Bronwen Webster1100000000002
Claire Hamilton1000000010002
Renee Simons1000000000012

Note: Totals due not include wins prior to the first Grand Slam season of 2006-07.

Former Grand Slams

Sobeys Slam

The Sobeys Slam was held as a Grand Slam event on three occasions in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

YearWinning skip
2007Sherry Middaugh
2008Marie-France Larouche
2009Not held
2010Jennifer Jones

Wayden Transportation Ladies Classic

The Wayden Transportation Ladies Classic was held annually in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and was held nine times before it was discontinued.

YearWinning skip
2000Shannon Kleibrink
2001Shannon Kleibrink
2002Kelly Scott
2003Kelly Scott
2004Kelley Law
2005Janet Harvey
2006Stefanie Lawton
2007Kelly Scott
2008Jennifer Jones

Manitoba Lotteries Women's Curling Classic

The Manitoba Women's Curling Classic was held in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, and was held eight times as a Grand Slam tournament. It was removed from the Grand Slam lineup starting in the 2014–15 curling season.

YearWinning skipRunner-up skip
2004Cheryl BernardShannon Kleibrink
2005Jennifer JonesShannon Kleibrink
2006Sherry AndersonJennifer Jones
2007Shannon KleibrinkJennifer Jones
2008Michelle EnglotKelly Scott
2009Kelly ScottJennifer Jones
2010Chelsea CareyCathy Overton-Clapham
2011Renée SonnenbergHeather Nedohin
2012Stefanie LawtonRachel Homan
2013Jennifer JonesJill Thurston

Curlers' Corner Autumn Gold Curling Classic

The Autumn Gold Curling Classic is held annually in Calgary, Alberta, and has been held 42 times (as of 2019). It offers a total purse of $50,000. It was removed from the Grand Slam lineup starting in the 2015–16 curling season.

Champions since 1986
YearWinning skipRunner-up skip
1986Marilyn Bodogh
1987Jan Wiltzen
1988Michelle Schneider
1989Kerrylynn Richards
1990Cheryl Bernard
1991Sandra Peterson
1992Michelle Schneider
1993Sherry Scheirich
1994Michelle Schneider
1995Elisabet Gustafson
1996Shannon Kleibrink
1997Heather Rankin
1998Kim GellardAmber Holland
1999Cathy BorstBronwen Saunders
2000Amber HollandShannon Kleibrink
2001Cathy KingCheryl Bernard
2002Heather NedohinCheryl Bernard
2003Sherry AndersonCathy King
2004Stefanie LawtonCheryl Bernard
2005Jenn HannaJan Betker
2006Kelly ScottCrystal Webster
2007Jennifer JonesShannon Kleibrink
2008Shannon KleibrinkCheryl Bernard
2009Jennifer JonesWang Bingyu
2010Wang BingyuDesirée Owen
2011Cathy Overton-ClaphamAmy Nixon
2012Sherry MiddaughRachel Homan
2013Eve MuirheadWang Bingyu
2014Jennifer JonesRachel Homan

Colonial Square Ladies Classic

The Colonial Square Ladies Classic is held annually in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and has been held since 1981. It officially became a Grand Slam event in 2012. It was removed from the Grand Slam lineup starting in the 2015–16 curling season.

YearWinning skipRunner-up skip
2004Sherry MiddaughRenée Sonnenberg
2005Stefanie LawtonCandace Chisholm
2006Jennifer JonesKaren Purdy
2007Stefanie LawtonCathy King
2008Stefanie LawtonMichelle Englot
2009Stefanie LawtonMirjam Ott
2010Stefanie LawtonJennifer Jones
2011Crystal WebsterValerie Sweeting
2012Stefanie LawtonChelsea Carey
2013Jennifer JonesMichèle Jäggi
2014Eve MuirheadSherry Middaugh

Elite 10

The Elite 10 was introduced as a men's event in 2015, and added to the women's side in September 2018. The Elite 10 used a unique match play format, similar to skins curling. The event was dropped for the 2019–20 curling season.

YearMen's winning skipWomen's winning skipLocation
2015 Mike McEwenFort McMurray, Alberta
2016 Brad GushueColwood, British Columbia
2017 John MorrisPort Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
2018 (Mar.) Mike McEwenWinnipeg, Manitoba
2018 (Sep.) Brad Gushue Anna HasselborgChatham, Ontario

Pinty's Cup

Beginning with the 2012–13 season, at the end of the season, the top Grand Slam team wins the "Rogers Grand Slam Cup", where they are awarded $75,000. The cup was renamed to the "Bonus Cup" for the 2017–18 season, and then the "Pinty's Cup" in 2018–19. Teams accumulate points based on their performance in each of the slams except for the Champions Cup and Tour Challenge Tier 2.[12][13]

SeasonMen's winning skipWomen's winning skip
2012–13 Glenn Howard Eve Muirhead
2013–14 Kevin Martin Jennifer Jones
2014–15 Brad Jacobs Eve Muirhead
2015–16 Brad Gushue Rachel Homan
2016–17 Niklas Edin Valerie Sweeting
2017–18 Brad Gushue Jennifer Jones
2018–19 Kevin Koe Rachel Homan



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