Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light

Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light is the inner light of two lighthouses on the south pier of Grand Haven, Michigan where the Grand River enters Lake Michigan. A lighthouse was first lit there in 1839.[3] The lighthouse was put up for sale in 2009 under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act.[4] The City of Grand Haven now owns the pier, but it is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers.[5]

South Pierhead Inner Light
South Pierhead Inner Light with entrance light in background
LocationGrand Haven, Michigan
Coordinates43°03′26.1″N 86°15′13.7″W[1]
Year first constructed1905
Year first lit1905[2]
Tower height36 feet (11 m)[1]
Original lens9.8 inches (250 mm)[2]
Range4 nautical miles (7.4 km; 4.6 mi)[1]
USCG number7-18975[1]


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